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And you are enough

Right now. Not 10 lbs from now. Not only on a good hair day.

Nope. Right now.

And there’s someone in your life who knows that. Someone who asked for your forever. Not because of who you might become. But because of who you are, today.

I want to show you what he sees. 

It’s more than pretty pictures. It’s a mission. A calling to shine a light on your TRUE beauty. To cast out the shadows of fear and self doubt. To empower and celebrate you.

Because there is a greatness that radiates from deep inside of you. And I'm going to help you see it.

You, Darling, are radiant



Moriah captured our wedding so beautifully…

that my husband and I couldn’t even have imagined more perfect photos!!! Her photos were stunning, she was very professional, yet super fun to work with!

Christan W.


Just like your fiance and your wedding dress, you need to find the photographer who’s the right fit. Because I believe that finding the one -- the perfect photographer -- is so important, I’m selective about who I take as clients. 

For me, it’s all about connection. Great connection yields stunning photography and an unforgettable experience. I want you to have the very best experience possible (whether that’s with me or another photographer). So I only take clients if I feel like we have a true connection -- because I don’t think you deserve anything less.

You’ve found ‘the one’





We just click and you’re ready to commit. Once you sign the contract and pay your retainer fee, I’m officially your photographer! After you’ve sealed the deal, you’ll receive my welcome kit with the exclusive Guide To Glamorous Photos, along with some other sweet surprises. We’ll also schedule your Connection Session.

Let’s make this thing official!





My goal is to give you the confidence to shine in your photos. So I invite all of my couples to my studio for a relaxed evening session. We’ll share a bottle of wine, get to know each other a little better, and I’ll teach you how to move in front of my camera. Away from distractions and onlookers I’ll guide you through my technique for creating glamorous portraits. By the time your wedding day comes you’ll feel like a pro. We’ll also create some gorgeous engagement portraits in the process.

Photography and wine. What could be better?

Connection Session




I want everything to run as smoothly as possible on your wedding day, so four to six weeks before we’ll meet to go over all the details. At your Planning Session I’ll create a custom timeline to make sure we accomplish the right shots at the right time. I’ll also create a custom family portrait list. You’ll receive both of these in a beautiful .PDF within two business days. Share it with your wedding party and family so everyone is prepared and on the same page.

Down to the last detail

Planning Session




Months of anticipation and hard work are behind you. Now it’s your turn to relax and soak it all in -- because it’s just going to fly by. But I’ll be there to capture it all so you can relive the emotion and magic every time you look at your photographs. My goal is to tell a complete story of your wedding day, from your perfectly posed newlywed portraits right down to the tiniest little detail -- like your grandmother’s necklace that’s your ‘something borrowed.’ Because we’ve spent the last few months getting to know each other so well and we’ve planned and prepared together, I know what matters to you and I know what details are significant to your story. The point is, there will probably be a few happy tears at your photo reveal.

It’s finally here!

Wedding Day




I know getting your wedding photos back is like the. best. thing. ever. So I’m not going to make you wait FOREVER to see them. And because I just love the excitement, there are actually TWO Big Reveals! 

First, within a week of your wedding I’ll post my favorite images on the blog so you can share family and friends. Next, we’ll meet up just a few weeks later, once photo editing is complete. We’ll reminisce about your beautiful day over drinks and dessert. Then we’ll watch your wedding slideshow together -- my gift to all of my clients. And if your package includes an album I’ll reveal your design. Tears of joy are definitely allowed. I’ll have kleenex on hand.

Oh, the anticipation!

Big Reveal






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The Experience

Wow, wow, wow!!! 

I don't know where to start but Moriah is amazing. Moriah was our photographer for both our engagement and wedding photos and from the minute we met her I knew we had nothing to worry about."

Jill S.


Engagement Gallery >>>

Wedding Gallery >>>

photography for the chic & sophisticated

The Portfolio


Commissioning an artist to create custom photography is an investment in the legacy of your marriage. Your photographer will be there with you, on Day One, creating the images you will cherish everyday, for the rest of your lives. If it matters to you that these images are word class and enduring, I’d love to connect. 

+ Connection Session with engagement portraits
+ High resolution digital image files with printing rights
+ Website & mobile gallery to download, share and order prints
+ 1 hour in-studio Planning Session
+ Custom Wedding Timeline
+ Custom Family Portrait Shot List
+ Slideshow of select wedding images

Coverage begins at $2,150 for half day and $2,950 for full.

Collections with albums and additional sessions begin at $3,950.

The Wedding Experience by Moriah Riona includes:

They grant you the right to print and share your photos with friends and family. However, you can’t publish, nor sell your photographs for profit. Please refer to your contract for more information.

What are printing rights?

Your complete collection will be available for viewing in your online gallery 3 weeks after your wedding. But be sure to watch Instagram and Facebook for a few sneak peeks! And I’ll post my favorite images to the blog within one week of your wedding.

When will I receive my photographs?

All images that make it through the selection process are color corrected and enhanced to produce the highest quality image possible.

Will my photographs be edited?

That really depends on the size of your wedding. I prefer to shoot intimate weddings alone -- because it can seem a bit crowded with two shooters. And I definitely don’t want to take any attention away from you. However, with larger weddings (big guest lists, big wedding parties, etc.) a second shooter (or third) might be necessary. Once I know the details of your wedding plans I’ll be able to make a recommendation about how many photographers you’ll need.

Do I need a second shooter?

No, but you’re going to get some awesome engagement photos out of it. I created the Connection Session because I sensed an insecurity in many of my clients. They told me they worried about how they would look and weren’t sure if they’d be able to pose. They were stiff and unsure at their engagement sessions. As your photographer I believe it’s my job to give you the tools to feel confident in front of the camera -- which in turn will create images that you are proud of. 

The Connection Session is a relaxed evening of good wine, great conversation, and enjoyable education. In the comfort of my studio, I’ll guide you through my technique for creating stunning portraits. That way you’ll be more than ready for your wedding day -- I won’t feel like a stranger with a huge camera in your face. We’ll be friends, creating art together.

IS the connection session an engagement session?

To best serve each couple I take a very limited number of weddings each year. So, you should book with me as soon as possible -- preferably once you have chosen your wedding date and venue. Most weddings are booked 9-18 months in advance.

When should I book with you?

First, let’s make sure we’re a good fit. Fill out the inquiry form and tell me about yourselves and your big day. If I think I’m the right photographer for you, we can set up a meeting to get to know each other better. Then you can book with me. A signed contract and non-refundable retainer (50% of your wedding package) are required. Once I get both of those things, it’s official!

How do I book with you?



She captured the sweetest moments in astounding quality... I had family members begging for photos from the wedding, everyone was so impressed with the work that she did. I recommend her to everyone I know and I would book her again in a heartbeat! You will not be disappointed!

amanda i.


let's connect!

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