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One of my favorite parts of The Branding Experience (my brand identity design service) with my clients is selecting their brand fonts. It’s a task I take very seriously. The right font can elevate a brand’s status to high end and exclusive. The wrong font can make it feel cheap and undesirable (hello comic sans!). […]

Starving Artist. There’s a reason that phrase exists. I’ve personally noticed how so many of my fellow creative entrepreneurs struggle with making a profit — which is why I’m so passionate about sharing these profitable small business ideas! If you’re anything like me, I’ll bet you started your business, not to get rich, but to […]

Your business needs a logo design, right? Well, I’m sure you can guess my answer — that’s a big resounding YES! But (and this is a big “but”), the wrong logo could be seriously damaging your brand. I see it all the time, and I’ll be honest, branding and your logo is one place you […]

I am so excited to share this new author logo design with you — Amy O’Hana is a licensed therapist, an educator, and a writer who aspired to start a lifestyle blog. As a university professor, and surrounded by young women, Amy saw an opportunity to educate further. A niche that needed filled, and as […]

How’s your brand & customer experience, boss babe? Do you ever feel like your clients (or maybe just one client in particular) are walking all over you? They don’t respect your time or your talent. So frustrating, right? Well, sorry to tell you this, friend, but the fault might be your own. When you don’t […]

Oh, my goodness — Priscilla’s branding project was super fun! And even better — she’s such a passionate and inspiring person. Creating her brand identity allowed me to use all of the crayons in my box! She reached out to me for help with a business name, logo and the basic branding elements. Perfect — […]

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