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Multiple studies have linked social media use to depression, anxiety, and stress. [source] It’s also thought to contribute to issues with time management, focus and attention—why is actually why so many users (especially entrepreneurs that I talk to) have a strong desire to unplug from social media. I know from my own experience how that […]

Looking for Instagram tips and tricks to help you grow your following and your influence this year? You’re in the right place, girl! I’m sharing my top 5 tips for growing your Instagram—specifically for your small business! (Quick heads up: this post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase through them I may earn […]

Looking for website design ideas so you can ace your DIY site? Listen, I’m gonna be honest—as a professional web designer, of course I think you should hire someone to build you an epic website! But I also know that’s not always an option. So if you’re determined to DIY your website, and not have […]

Today I’m wrapping up this 5-part series on visual branding by sharing the three biggest mistakes I see creative entrepreneurs make when it comes to their brand identity design. The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Their Brand Identity Mistake #1: Thinking You Don’t Have/Need A Visual Branding System Whether or not you’ve intentionally […]

Okay, you get it—consistency is KEY when it comes to building a solid, recognizable, and successful visual branding system. But how are you supposed to maintain that oh-so-important consistency? Well, once you’ve got your fabulous new logo, brand colors, fonts (and so on and so forth) you need a set of rules and guidelines to […]

Looking for logo design ideas? Well, as a graphic designer, I’m going to share a little peek into my own process: Yesterday I had a “launch meeting” with one of my branding clients. This is the final meeting of my Brand Experience, after the project’s complete. We meet via video chat to go over their […]

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