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Wondering what goes into a luxury brand logo design? In this video I’m sharing the design basics that I use to create logos that attract high end clients. Want even more of the best branding and business advice—specifically for female entrepreneurs? Subscribe to my channel. And click the bell to be notified when I post […]

If you’re a service-based company or an online entrepreneur—you might be wondering why you need to think about packaging at all. And that’s a fair question. But in this video I’m going to show you how you can incorporate luxury brand packaging ideas that elevate your service or online experience—and keep customers coming back for […]

Want a sneak peek into my life as a brand designer? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes for my day in the life of a graphic designer! If you’re new here, I’m Moriah, a luxury brand designer and strategist—and I work exclusively with female entrepreneurs to help them build high end brands. And today, […]

For small business owners, packaging is one of the most overlooked but incredibly important aspects of creating a luxury brand experience. So if your brand’s packaging is less than impressive (or non-existent), this video is for you! I’m breaking down luxury packaging design into 3 basic tips you can implement into your own business! Want […]

Wondering what it’s like to get brand photography for your business? You’re in luck! Because today you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at one client’s branding experience—in an all new series where I take you behind the scenes of my client’s brand transformations! In this video you’ll get to meet Amy, a university professor and licensed […]

Looking for website design ideas so you can ace your DIY site? Listen, I’m gonna be honest—as a professional web designer, of course I think you should hire someone to build you an epic website! But I also know that’s not always an option. So if you’re determined to DIY your website, and not have […]

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