The Secret to Attracting High-Ticket Coaching Clients

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I’ll show you how I went from attracting bargain hunter clients to exclusively booking lucrative, 5-figure contracts. And you can do the same in your coaching business, too.

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Attention Coaches

If you’re ready to start working with clients who understand the tremendous value you bring to the table—and to stop working with clients who don’t…

You’re about to discover my tried-and-true secrets for building a coaching business where you consistently get paid your worth.

Hi! My name is Moriah Riona, and I’m inviting you to take my FREE course:

5-Figure Clients

The Secret to Attracting High-Ticket Coaching Clients

So you can start building a rewarding coaching business that brings you…


Where you get to choose how to spend your time and how your days look.


So you can stop feeling pressure to take on red-flag clients to make ends meet.


By working with clients who align with your mission and value your time and expertise.

day 01


Over 4 days together, you’ll learn:

Why offering a high-ticket service is better for you and your client.

day 02

How to craft your irresistible high-ticket offer that practically sells itself—PLUS the biggest mistake online entrepreneurs make when pricing their services.

day 03

The two things you NEED to convey in order to sell high-ticket services.

day 04

How to position yourself as a luxury brand leader—so you can charge a premium for your top-notch services.


“I’ve been attracting my ideal clients at every turn!”

Michele Blake | Career Coach

This course is for you if…

You’re stretched too thin.

You have so much to offer your clients but not enough time to do it all. Your low rates mean you have to keep your calendar booked to the max to stay afloat.

You’re attracting unwanted bargain hunters.

Your business is your life’s work. It’s your passion. But your current clients don’t seem to value your services like you do.

You’re afraid to raise your prices.

You’re worried that if you do, you’ll scare off clients. So you keep offering your stellar services at a —*gasp*— discount to make sure the clients keep coming.

sound familiar?

Then you’re exactly where you need to be.

Meet Moriah

Your teacher for 5-figure clients

I’m Moriah Riona—the founder and creative director of Moriah Riona Branding. I started my agency with one mission: empowering female coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs to cultivate a thriving business and life. 

We specialize in taking your brand from unknown to unstoppable through luxury branding. Our work is to help you become an indisputable industry leader—so you have the confidence to unapologetically charge your worth.

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Disclaimer: At Moriah Riona Branding we believe in hard work, integrity, and overdelivering on value. We also believe that building a high-end luxury brand takes dedication and time. That said, we are staunchly opposed to the concept of “get rich quick.” The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not a guarantee of earnings or results. Our full disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions can be viewed on our website.