branding blueprint

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Course to Take Your Brand from Overlooked to Overbooked

Lack of clients got you down?

Tired of constantly questioning your prices, your offers, and your worth?

Come in close, friend. I’ve got a little secret for you...

It’s not you.

It’s your brand.

→ You don’t need a better offer.
→ You don’t need to lower your prices.
→ You don’t need to offer a discount.

You need to up-level your brand.

The Truth:



branding blueprint


Over the course of 2 weeks you’ll learn some of my best secrets to building a brand that commands premium prices and effortlessly attracts higher-paying clients.

Module 1

The Luxury Mindset

  • Learn if luxury branding is the right choice for your business
  • Go inside the mind of a luxury client—and learn what makes them buy
  • Up-level your own mindset around money, pricing, and self worth

Module 2

The Luxury Aesthetic

  • Understand what goes into a luxury logo design
  • Learn what you need for a luxury website that converts
  • Learn how to visually captivate your audience with a luxury aesthetic

Module 3

The Luxury Experience

  • Master the art of customer service
  • Learn how to create exclusivity with your brand
  • Create lifelong loyalty with a luxurious customer journey

Module 4

The Luxury Launch

  • Put it all together with a luxury launch checklist
  • Learn how to rebrand your business to high-end, even if it was discount before
  • Expert advice on how to maintain and grow your luxury brand

frequently asked


Do I have to complete the course in 2 weeks?

Nope—you can go through it at your own pace! Take it over a few months or you can complete it in a weekend. I’ve laid out the lessons to provide one per day over 2 weeks. However, you’re welcome to go as fast or as slow as you’d like. And you’ll get lifetime access to the course, so you can always come back when you need a refresher.


The Luxury Branding Blueprint is an online course taught with video lessons—one per day for 2 weeks!

Who is the Luxury Branding blueprint for?

Here at Moriah Riona Branding we work primarily with life coaches, consultants, and online service providers. While the course has been created with those people in mind, it is truly for any entrepreneur who is ready to up-level her brand, command higher prices, and attract a more affluential clientele. 

I'm not sure If I need a luxury brand...

This course is the perfect place for you to find out! Inside we'll discuss what a luxury brand is and if it's right for you. Regardless of what you decided, you'll be able to take the lessons and strategies learned to build a more cohesive, memorable, and recognizable brand—that helps you connect with your ideal client!

Got more questions? Email us at—we're happy to help!



branding blueprint

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