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Morning Routine for Entrepreneurs: How I Start My Day at 5 am

Morning Routine for Entrepreneurs: How I Start My Day at 5 am | Wondering how to make the most of your day? This video is for you, friend! Hit 'play' to watch my step-by-step morning habits and before work checklist—including journaling and Peloton exercise. #bulletjournal #organization #diy #morningroutine

I believe that waking early and having a morning routine is so vital to your success as an entrepreneur—so today I’m sharing own morning routine, step-by-step—starting at 5am!

Welcome back! If you’re new here, I’m Moriah, the owner and creative director of Moriah Riona Branding—helping creative female entrepreneurs build brands with confidence and success.

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My 5am Morning Routine

I’m a big fan of morning routines—especially for my workdays. Having a set routine for when I first wake up really has helped me to be so much more productive in my business, and feel more content and successful in the rest of my life.

While I’ve had a pretty structured “morning routine” for the last few years, I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to start that routine earlier—so I could get more accomplished in a single work day. That meant waking up at 5 am!

It was definitely a bit of a struggle at first, and still involves a fair amount of coffee—but I’m happy to report that I now am a member of the “early riser club.” 

Morning Routine Part 1: Journal & Coffee

After I get out of bed—and I try to get up right away, I head downstairs with my dog, Brandy, and make myself a cup of coffee, to start the first segment of my morning routine.

I think it’s so important to start your day off in a really centering way—which is why I give myself an hour to journal, read, and drink my coffee.

Having this quiet hour to myself, first thing in the morning, helps me wake up and feel ready to take on whatever tasks I might have on my to-do list—no matter how daunting they are!

I’ve actually noticed, on the mornings where I hit my snooze button and skip this portion of my routine, the rest of my day isn’t nearly as productive.

That’s why I really make this “me time” a priority now.

I get a notification on my Apple watch when it’s time to start the next segment of my morning routine:

Morning Routine Part 2: Speed Clean 

At 6:00 am I start a 30 minute “speed clean.”

I’m someone who gets easily overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization—but I also get so consumed with my work, that a lot of times, I don’t take the time to tidy-up throughout the day. So the clutter can really start to pile up.

To keep that from happening, I give myself 30 mins in the morning to tidy up a few main spots—which is  actually something I learned from reading the fabulous Randi Garrett Design blog

[Check out Randi’s Daily Cleaning Routine!]

The first thing I do is unload the dishwasher if it’s clean. Or alternatively, fill it with any dirty dishes and get it running. I also tidy up the counter space.

Something about having a clean kitchen, even if the rest of my house isn’t tidy, really puts my mind at ease.

The next thing I do is get one load of laundry going. Doing a daily load of laundry in the morning, has really helped to keep that laundry from piling up!

Then I head upstairs—by this point my husband is up and getting ready for work. So I open our curtains and make the bed.

Just like having a clean kitchen, making my bed really helps me feel more organized and prepared to face my day.

Morning Routine Part 3: Kiddo

After I make the bed, I wake up my little guy.

I give myself 15 minutes to get him dressed, feed him a quick breakfast, and ready to go—while my husband is still getting ready. Then I send them both on their way!

Morning Routine Part 4: Workout

Once my husband and my toddler are out the door, I get dressed in my workout clothes and start my workout as soon as possible.

I alternate between cardio and weights. On cardio days, I love using my Peloton bike. We’ve had our Peloton since January and it’s seriously the most fun I’ve ever had working out.

If you’re a Peloton member, come find me! My username is: moriahriona.

Morning Routine Part 5: Getting Ready

After my workout I take a quick shower and get ready to start my work day. The weather here in Colorado is so dry, so I’ve been rosewater spray before putting on moisturizer and makeup.

Then I do a quick makeup routine.

I don’t like to wash my hair everyday—in fact I only wash it a few times a week and get regular blowouts at my salon. So, to keep my blowout looking fresh, I apply dry shampoo.

Right now I’m using the Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair—but my favorite is the dry shampoo from the Big Sexy Hair line.

The trick is to really work the dry shampoo in to your roots. Then I’ll add just a few curls—and good to go!

My morning hair and makeup routine is super quick. I usually get it done in under 10 mins.

After that—Brandy and I head to work!

Your turn!

Thanks so much for joining me on my morning routine today!

Like I said, having a routine has been such a game changer for me and my business—so I’d love to know:

What does your morning routine include? And when do you get started?

Let me know in a comment down below!

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  1. Back when I woke up early and had a morning routine my days were SIGNIFICANTLY better all around! My mood was better, I was a better mother, I was more productive in my work, less stress, happier, etc etc etc. I got out of that for a while cause my baby wasn’t sleeping anymore, so I needed all the time in bed that I could get. I’ve just now restarted my morning routine and a few days in I’m LOVING it! I even put my routine on my google calendar. Plus I started an afternoon routine and a bedtime routine. Magic.

    • moriahriona says:

      Ah yay! Good for you!! Isn’t it amazing? I really think those routines are important self care. So glad you were able to get back in the swing of it! I’ve got a bedtime routine too… but for me that’s harder to follow. Working on it though 🙂

  2. So inspiring! I too LOVE to get up before my kids and seriously don’t function as well if I don’t. My trick into pushing myself out of bed is a mini Keurig that lives in our guest room so I don’t wake everyone by rattling in the kitchen!

    So enjoyed our chat on The Pro Organizer Studio Podcast today Moriah!! 👏🏻💕🙌🏻

    • moriahriona says:

      That is a GREAT trick Jen!! Thanks for sharing—and soooo great connecting with you today! Excited for the podcast 💖

  3. Jessica V says:

    Omg I ADORE your house 🥰 I’ve been trying to also start my day fresh & ready in case “the doorbell rings” so I don’t feel terrified to answer it looking like I got out if bed at 2 pm!

    • moriahriona says:

      Haha, right?! Not gonna lie… somedays I don’t really get my hair/makeup routine done and I spend the day in my pajamas. BUT I am way more productive on the days I don’t do that. Also, when I get dressed/hair/makeup, I can pop on IG stories, or video—so I’m really trying to be better about always wearing “real” clothes 😂

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh man I needed to read that. These are all things I know to be beneficial, but all too often come up with excuses and slowly push the productive habits to the wayside. Thank you for a good reminder on just how important our mornings are! They really do set the tone for the day.

    • moriahriona says:

      Yay! I’m so glad it resonated with you. I feel the same way—it’s not fun getting up at 5am but it’s so worth it. I know when I do, I’m setting myself up for a much better day! 💖

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