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Secrets of a six-figure brand

The Secrets of a Six-Figure Brand | Wondering how to build a brand that makes your small business more money? Click through to read the essentials of a 6-figure brand! #sixfigure #business #smallbusiness #branding

Nov 7

The Secrets of a Six-Figure Brand | Wondering how to build a brand that makes your small business more money? Click through to read the essentials of a 6-figure brand! #sixfigure #business #smallbusiness #branding

How to build a brand that brings in the dough

“Her brand isn’t the reason she’s so successful,” a nearby café hopper professed to her entrepreneurial friend. “A brand is just a logo.”

I almost choked on my bagel. No, no, no, no, I screamed internally. Everything inside of me burned to pull up a chair, buy them a coffee and explain A BRAND IS MORE THAN A PRETTY LOGO.

But I didn’t. Mainly because they were out the door before I could dislodge the bagel that had wedged itself in my horrified throat. Instead, I decided to write this post, which is, essentially, an ode to six-figure branding.

Yep. Six-figure branding. Not a six-figure business. But six-figure branding.

‘Cuz the truth is that your branding is more than just a pretty logo. It’s who you are, what you do, the value you offer and the experience you present, encapsulated – without words! – in visual imagery.

Which is what really builds a six-figure business.

Without good branding, your business is unremarkable. It’s the quintessential Jane Doe or Joe Bloggs, memorable only in that it is so unmemorable.

(I’m sorry – don’t shoot the messenger.)

The good news? If you’re rocking more Jane than Beyoncé, it’s totally turn-around-able.

Elements of a six-figure brand

I’m going to hang up my modest Moriah coat and slip into something a little more truthful …

I know good branding.

I know good branding because I’ve created good branding. For myself and my clients. Who, by the way, include award winning photographer, Shannon Squires. I took her out-dated and lacklustre logo and transformed it into a comprehensive luxury brand.

What makes a good brand? Great question.

Through five years of hands-on branding work, I have seen the EXACT branding elements that take a business from from struggling to successful.

The perfect logo

Sure, it’s pretty. But it’s also strategic, thoughtful and deliberate. It’s designed to represent your desired brand image (i.e. how you want your business to be perceived) while instinctively appealing to your target market. Keep in mind too; A good logo isn’t something that’s slapped together in an hour. It’s the culmination of days, if not weeks, of deliberation and planning. (With the price tag to match.)

The irresistible website

Sticky like peanut butter, it fosters an experience that is engaging, educating, interesting, interactive and memorable. The anatomy of a six-figure website is an article – or a book! – in itself, so I will limit my just this: Make it meaningful. Make it memorable.

(Thinking to yourself ‘YES, this is exactly what I need!’ … head on over here, girl.)

The distinctive color palette

We’re wired to respond emotionally to colors. Colors communicate style, message and purpose on a sub-conscious level, allowing you to connect and reach your audience more deeply. But, they must be used thoughtfully! Which is why a distinctive color palette is vital to your branding success.

The sexy social media

95% of adults between the ages of 18 – 34 are likely to follow a brand on social media. (Source: MarketingSherpa) So if you think your social is optional, think again. To truly connect with your audience, you need to extend your influence across social media too. Which means being deliberate, strategic, helpful, entertaining and engaging. While looking good.

The experiential print collateral

Business cards might seem old school, but they – along with other printed collateral – build and cement a strong and positive brand impression. There’s really nothing quite like flipping a carefully-made and ridiculously attractive business card in your hands. And I’m proof in the puddin’ that print collateral sells … one of my most recent clients converted because she adored my business cards.

Ready to build your six-figure brand?

Hold up, girl. Before you dive into hiring a brand specialist or buying a Photoshop subscription (love your enthusiasm) there’s something you should know:

Good branding is more than just pretty visuals.

D’uh right? From this article, you get that.

BUT what you don’t know yet is that you can ground your style with some serious strategy with my tried-and-tested resource:

The Brand Blueprint: Your one-stop guide to setting the foundations for epic branding

… That I’m going to give you for free, because I adore you.

Want it? (You know you do.)

Grab your free visual branding blueprint by signing up below!

Download your FREE 20-page workbook to build a solid foundation for your brand: The Brand Blueprint by Moriah Riona #branding #marketing #smallbiz #photobiz #entrepreneur

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