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Luxury Branding for Coaches, Thought Leaders, and Online Entrepreneurs

I’m Moriah—a luxury brand strategist and creative director dedicated to helping whip-smart entrepreneurial women elevate their thought leadership businesses through their personal brands. 

We help female entrepreneurs cultivate harmony with their brand by getting crystal clear on what makes them (and their offer) irresistible. Because if you don’t know who you are as a brand—how will your clients know? 

To fully embody your personal brand with ease and confidence, you need to find your North Star of clarity.

With a blend of high-end design and solid brand strategy...

That’s where luxury branding comes in.

Branding means different things to different people, which is why you won’t find a dictionary definition here. But at its core, a well-designed coaching brand conveys a strong sense of purpose and poise. It feels effortlessly seamless, meaningful, and memorable

Yes, you need a logo design and a website for your coaching business. But a luxury brand relishes in the little details that tailor the experience to perfectly reflect who you are and how you serve your clients. 

That’s what we create. 

Together, we’ll excavate your big ideas and weave them into a cohesive brand strategy that conveys your highest value. Because when your clients see your true value, you can work less and earn more.

You are so much more than a set of two-dimensional fonts and colors—and so is your personal brand. That’s why we start with luxury brand strategy.

As the face of your business, clients want you: your story, your point-of-view, your interpretation of the world. Your brand should be an extension of you, expressed at every digital touchpoint.

We’re here to empower you with
a brand identity that cuts through the noise—so you can capitalize on your expertise.

We’re here to empower you with
a brand identity that cuts through the noise—
so you can capitalize on your expertise.

mission + manifesto

Strategic Branding for Coaches & Thought Leaders

Meet Moriah

Founder, creative director, and designer

Of course, this is all about you—but here’s a little bit about me. I founded Moriah Riona Branding to empower visionary women like you. 

Coming from an agency background and working with Fortune 500 companies, I felt that it shouldn’t be so hard for women to get their big, brilliant ideas out into the world. So I made it my mission to help entrepreneurial women make their mark by unapologetically pursuing their career and income goals. 

Simply put: I help you garner the respect and revenue you deserve with strategic branding for coaches. That’s why our agency specializes in logo design, website design, marketing strategies, and luxury branding for coaches and thought leaders. I want you to stop “playing small” and take your seat at the table as the industry leader you already are.

So, who’s the “we”?

As a boutique design studio and marketing agency, our tight-knit team taps into the talents of a lead creative director and associate designers. We also work closely with hand-selected partners to provide you with top-notch copywriting, photography, videography, motion graphics and more. 

Moriah is brilliant at what she does! Branding is her superpower.

I doubted how much Moriah could actually help me because I had an idea of what I wanted. But she helped me get so deep and clear. I feel renewed passion and energy for my business.

Danica Donnelly


Her creative strategies and
business acumen are top-notch.

The entire experience was fantastic, but focusing on the WHY behind my coach branding was the best part. I learned a lot about myself through the process. Moriah is a great listener—and I was so impressed with her ability to get to the essence of me and my business.

Priscilla Magnusen

Health Coach

Her creative strategies and business acumen
are top-notch.

I've been attracting my ideal clients at every turn!

I’ve been attracting my ideal clients at every turn!

Moriah helped me identify my target market, then created a brand and a website that spoke to them directly. I know it’s working because new clients tell me all the time—when they see my site, they know I’m the one!

michele blake

Career Coach

A compassionate professional who
takes the time to get to know you.

Moriah is an efficient, organized, creative professional who will work with you to develop a luxury brand strategy, design a gorgeous website, and so much more. Working with her made it easy to develop a long-term relationship with someone who understands my brand, saving me time and money.

Marisa Corrado

Mercury Clothiers

A compassionate professional who takes the time to
get to know you.

She’s just as enthusiastic, excited, and passionate about my business as I am.

Moriah absolutely killed it in all aspects. She stayed on schedule, she was super communicative, and her designs were so beautiful and so fitting for my company, I'm just thrilled that I found her.

Stefani Ciotti


If I had only one word to describe Moriah, it would be ARTIST.

This woman is gifted with creativity. She designed something wonderful and unique to me and my coaching brand. She’s also ultra-professional, with good communication and follow-through. Worth every cent and more!


Coach & Published Author

No words can describe how excited, collected, and professional I feel now.

There are truly no words to express the high-pitched squeals I was making during each phase of my luxury branding experience with Moriah! I was blown away with how accurately she put who I am and where my business is headed into a ‘brand.’

Jessica Vallia

Photographer & Educator

No words can describe
how excited, collected, and professional I feel now.

It's time to stop

second-guessing your coaching brand & underselling your services...

It's time to finally solidify your standing as
a luxury brand leader with impact and influence.