A four-month, one-on-one strategy and design intensive to re-imagine your brand, design your website, and solidify your marketing plan. 

luxury brand leader

“Will an elevated, cohesive brand strategy really transform my business
and scale my income?”

For high-achieving coaches,
creative entrepreneurs,
& service providers 

You know your business needs more than
just a pretty logo. But still, you wonder...

The short answer: yes

Sure, you could keep DIY-ing and chasing cheap clients (you know, the ones who barter over your rates and ghost after a consult call). 

Or you could completely transform your brand and re-align your business for exponential growth—today, tomorrow, and for years into the future. 

“Will an elevated, cohesive brand strategy really transform my business and
scale my income?”

You know your business needs more than just a pretty logo.
But still, you wonder...

The choice is yours. Will you:

Or take bold steps to discover precisely what you offer, who you serve, and why. Because when you get crystal clear, you can…

Stay stuck in a cycle of “brand envy” and self-doubt, treading to keep your dream business afloat… 

Stay stuck in a cycle of “brand envy” and
self-doubt, treading to keep your dream business afloat… 

Confidently raise your rates and break into the next level
of business revenue. 

Magnetize high-paying clients who can’t wait to click
“book now”—before ever talking to you face-to-face. 

Become an indisputable industry leader, say goodbye to dead-end sales calls, and start reeling in word-of-mouth referrals.

Create a captivating brand identity that draws people in and leaves them wondering, what’s her secret?

With just the right blend of art & strategy, you can achieve all this—and so much more. 

With just the right blend of
art & strategy, you can achieve
all this—and so much more. 


Over four months, we’ll work one-on-one to completely redefine and refine the way you show up across your business and brand—visually and beyond. 

Each phase builds intentionally to create an elevated brand platform that positions you as the luxury brand leader you were born to be

So you can step forward with power, purpose, and poise

No words can describe how excited, collected, and professional I feel now.

There are truly no words to express the high-pitched squeals I was making during each phase of my branding experience with Moriah! I was blown away with how accurately she put who I am and where my business is headed into a ‘brand.’

Jessica Vallia


it’s all in the details

Here’s a look at the 4-phase process that’ll bring your luxury brand to life

Luxury Foundations
& Brand Strategy

Get to know your brand 
» A personal brand questionnaire to collect info about your business, vision, and goals. 
» A 90-minute, one-on-one strategy session via Zoom to unpack your brand story and solidify your ideal client and target market. 

Business and mindset alignment 
» Exercises to help you align your personal brand and business goals around your WHY. 

Phase 01

phase 01

Luxury Branding & Design

Collaborative brand discovery 
» Creative brief to align on the artistic direction and development of your brand platform. 
» Private Pinterest board curation to breathe visual inspiration into your brand assets to come. 

A complete visual brand system 
» Custom creation and curation of all your essential branding assets: a mood board, color palette, font pairings, primary logo, secondary logo, sub-mark or watermark, and brand board. 
» Reveal meetings via Zoom to present your new brand elements. Plus one full round of design revisions to make sure everything is pixel perfect.  

Personal brand style dossier 
» Beautifully designed six-page PDF that serves as a comprehensive visual guide. 
» Ensures an impactful, consistent visual brand across all touchpoints—for all your marketing materials.

Phase 02

phase 02

Luxury Marketing Strategy

Develop a competitive strategy 
» Focused 90-minute marketing strategy session via Zoom to pinpoint your market strengths and crystalize your position. 
» Collaborative development of your brand’s Irresistible Offer: the one thing that makes you unlike any competitor. 
» A content marketing plan with specific steps to keep your brand in the spotlight; delivered as an easy-to-reference PDF guide. 

Copy and photoshoot direction 
» A custom website copy template you can use to write your website words.
Pre-photoshoot guidance, including styling recommendations to ensure your wardrobe and props align with your brand.  
» Optional add-ons: stock imagery sourcing or brand photography with Moriah in Colorado Springs, professional copywriting services.

Phase 03

phase 03

Luxury Website Design

Strategy-driven wireframe 
» Recommended site navigation for five (5) pages, designed to give your ideal client a luxury experience from the first touchpoint to the final point of sale. 

Custom website design 

» Custom website design for five (5) Showit website pages and a WordPress blog, including two rounds of design revisions. 
» Optimized for desktop, mobile, and search (SEO)—so prospects can easily find your site from anywhere. 

Full-service design installation & launch
» All the technical details—like getting your domain set up with your Showit account—are taken care of before launch. 
» Then, we launch! 🥂

Phase 04

phase 04

And that's not all...

You'll receive our unparalleled support throughout the process

Unlimited brand coaching

Thoughts, questions, a-ha moments? Email or schedule a Zoom session with Moriah anytime during the process. 

Training & launch mentorship 

One more 60-minute meeting to review your launch strategy and website how-tos—from editing photos and text to publishing blog posts. 

Ongoing business support

We’re not going to leave you in the lurch the second your site goes live. Get 14 days of post-launch email support for any questions that arise.

Her creative strategies and business acumen are top-notch.

The entire experience was fantastic, but focusing on my WHY was the best part. I learned a lot about myself through the process. Moriah is a great listener—and I was so impressed with her ability to get to the essence of me and my business.

Priscilla Magnusen

Health Coach

Her creative strategies and
business acumen are top-notch.

The only question left is:

In the end, you won’t just have a beautiful brand and website…

You’ll have a powerful
luxury brand platform that:

Captures and portrays your high-value expertise

Attracts more of your (high-paying) dream clients

Empowers you to raise your rates successfully 

Solidifies your standing as an industry leader

Makes you ecstatic to show up—and show off 

Are you ready to become
a Luxury Brand Leader? 

Are you ready to become a
Luxury Brand Leader? 

Check out real client transformations from the studio

Still wondering if Luxury Brand Leader is right for you?

I was in a slump, and she helped me
find my passion again!

I couldn't have imagined my branding and website turning out as incredible as they did! And I can't wait to launch them. Moriah is so passionate about what she does. I am kind of sad (but beyond excited too) that the experience is almost over.

Erin Jachimiak


I was in a slump, and
she helped me find
my passion again!

Not only did Moriah create a captivating brand for me, she’s created three!

Since the success of my first rebrand with her, I’ve hired her to help me on countless projects, including branding and website design for both my side hustle and passion project. Working with Moriah Riona Branding continues to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made!

michele blake


Luxury brand Leader is perfect for: 

Coaches and creative entrepreneurs who’ve been in business for 2-plus years but feel stuck DIY-everything

You’re the “face of your brand,” and people want to work with you…. but between managing a growing business and undercharging for your services, you barely have enough time for the clients you DO have. 

You know it’s time to raise your rates. Yet, you look at your current branding and think, “Oof—too much Payless BOGO, not enough Louboutin.” 

You’re ready to partner with a branding expert who goes deeper than, “so, what colors do you like?”

You need someone who will get to the beating heart of your business and help build the foundation for your empire.

meet moriah

Your luxury branding partner and advocate

A wedding photographer turned award-winning luxury brand designer, strategist, and creative director, Moriah empowers entrepreneurial women (like you) to infuse their inherent strengths into powerful personal brands

Through her signature program, Luxury Brand Leader, Moriah lends her formal education in the visual arts, plus 10+ years of marketing and business experience, to help entrepreneurs build personal brands that scale with ease. 

Since 2011, Moriah has developed strategic brand identities for Fortune 500 companies and dozens of visionary entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured by industry-leading publications, including Rising Tide, Summerana, Spark Creative Anthology by Showit, and the Pro Organizer Studio podcast. 

luxury branding

A compassionate professional who
takes the time to get to know you.

Moriah is an efficient, organized, creative professional who will work with you to develop a brand strategy, design a gorgeous website, and so much more. Working with her made it easy to develop a long-term relationship with someone who understands my brand, saving me time and money.

Marisa Corrado

Mercury Clothiers

A compassionate professional who takes the time to get to know you.

frequently asked questions

What others have wondered about the program 

The short answer: YES. 

The long answer: if your business is already making money, now is the perfect time to elevate your brand and website strategy. It means you have leads coming in—through word-of-mouth, Google, or social media—and that’s half the battle! 

But with an outdated or sub-par digital presence, you could be attracting the wrong leads—or losing some great ones. Enter your strategically stunning new brand platform. 

With a captivating luxury brand and website, you can capitalize on every opportunity and convert even the most hesitant prospects into enthusiastic clients (without working overtime). 

Let me guess: you’ve been hustling to build your business, saying “yes” to every lead that strolls into your inbox, and putting in more hours than you care to admit. You have a small but loyal following and a few dream clients in your roster—but you’re trading too many hours for not enough dollars. 

Can you keep DIY-ing it all yourself? Of course. But it will still cost you—time, money, and clients—because every hour you spend fiddling with Canva or Squarespace is an hour you could spend in your own zone of genius. 

Can you hire a freelancer for cheap? Sure. However, many designers are just that: designers. They don’t bring an in-depth knowledge of design psychology and business strategy to ensure your brand stands out and sells. 

This isn’t just an investment in a logo and website—it’s an investment in the success of your business. Because when your brand and website are built on a strategic foundation, you can make your investment back tenfold. 

So, what’s one high-paying client worth? $5K, $10K, $25K? Yep—you can charge that much when you have a luxury brand that builds trust and authority. You just need a little expert guidance to get there.

Luxury branding is best reserved for when you have a clear understanding of your ideal clients and offerings. It can take two to three years to get crystal clear, so I recommend waiting until you’ve got a few big clients under your belt—and maybe even a DIY website or two. Trial and error are essential steps in building a successful business. 

Luxury Brand Leader is designed for service-based entrepreneurs: coaches, creatives, and niche experts who want to go from unknown to unstoppable. You know what you offer and who you want to serve. So naturally, the next step is to develop a high-end brand platform that allows you to scale with confidence. 

Nope. Here’s why: your brand is a lot more than a logo. Your brand is a comprehensive visual and visceral system that connects with your audience emotionally, which is why it’s crucial to start with a holistic brand strategy. 

If you adore your current logo, we can incorporate elements of what you love into your new brand platform. However, since each phase of Luxury Brand Leader builds on the next, we need to zoom out and look at the big picture strategy first. That strategy will inform your logo and brand design. But I promise you’ll walk away with a logo you love even more. 

Absolutely! We design and build websites exclusively with Showit because it gives us the most creative control to design beautiful and effective websites—and it gives you the ability to make edits down the road. Control over your website = control over your business. 

That’s why we also meet for 60 minutes before your website launch to go over everything you need to know, including how to edit text, images, and more. We want you to feel empowered—not intimidated—by your website. 

In some cases, yes. We offer two-month “fast-track” projects—but only if you have a watertight plan to deliver website copy and brand photos before we begin designing your website. There’s a 50% fast-track fee to accommodate the shortened timeline. 

In most cases, we recommend planning for four months. This allows you to complete your website copy, take brand photos, and carefully consider each branding element. The brands you envy the most? They weren’t built overnight. High-end, magnetic branding takes time to develop fully.

The first step is to apply! We recommend applying early because there can be a waitlist. Here’s what the four-step onboarding process looks like:

1.  First, fill out the application on this page.

2. If it’s a great match, we’ll meet for a 20-minute call.

3. Sign your contract and pay the non-refundable  retainer to secure your program dates.

4. It's official—you're booked! We'll be in touch shortly with your brand strategy homework (it's fun, promise).

Let’s review

The 4-month, one-on-one brand strategy and design intensive that will transform the way you (and your dream clients) see your business.

90-minute brand strategy session

90-minute marketing strategy session

Mood board (+ 1 revision) 

Color palette & font pairings (+ 1 revision) 

Primary logo (1 concept + 2 revisions) 

Secondary logo & submark (+ 1 revision) 

6-page brand style dossier 

Custom 5-page Showit website
(+2 revisions) 

WordPress blog integration 

Business and marketing consulting 

60-minute pre-launch call 

Unlimited support during the program 

14 days of post-launch support 

Ready to take the first step?

Fill out the application, including all the details about your business and goals.
Once you hit submit, we will be in touch within 2 business days.

Custom 5-page Showit website (+2 revisions) 

Luxury brand leader

program application

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Please fill out the waitlist application form below if you are interested in working with us in 2023. We review each application carefully and only select those that we feel would be a good fit for our branding program. So please answer the questions as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible. If your application is selected as a potential fit, we will reach out to you within 2 business days.