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Brand Identity: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Visual Branding

Brand Identity: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Visual Branding | Avoid these newbie brand mistakes that could be costing you money and clients in your small business! #smallbusiness #branding #marketing #entrepreneur

Today I’m wrapping up this 5-part series on visual branding by sharing the three biggest mistakes I see creative entrepreneurs make when it comes to their brand identity design.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Their Brand Identity

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Mistake #1: Thinking You Don’t Have/Need A Visual Branding System

Whether or not you’ve intentionally developed one, you still have a visual branding system—it might just be a hot mess!

Listen, every single visual element you use in you business is a part of your visual branding system. These pieces can include (but definitely aren’t limited to):

  • Logo and logo system
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Website and blog
  • Business Cards
  • Printed marketing pieces
  • Digital marketing pieces
  • Brand photography and imagery
  • Social media platforms
  • And more!

So if you’re currently doing a mental inventory of all of those mismatched marketing templates and DIY design attempts you’ve accumulated over the last few years—now would be the perfect time for a rebrand, with a professional!

Mistake #2: Inconsistency in Your Brand Identity System

One of the biggest takeaways from this mini-series on Visual Branding is that “Consistency is Key!” I’ve talked about this in each video—when you’re consistent in your visual branding, you are telling your audience (subconsciously) I’ve got my stuff together and I. AM. TRUSTWORTHY.

When you’re inconsistent you’re sending exactly the opposite message: I’m flakey and untrustworthy.

All consumers are hesitant to part with their hard-earned dollars when they don’t feel like they can trust a brand.

Learn more: How To Create Consistency With A Brand Style Guide.

Mistake #3: Trying To Attract High Paying Clients With Budget Branding

This one seems so obvious but it’s honestly the biggest problem I see when it comes to creative entrepreneurs—and it’s actually the number one reason clients reach out to me!

My branding clients are tired of their typical “bargain-hunting” clients, and clients who are unwilling to pay what they’re worth. But when I take a look at their visual branding, it screams “cheap.”

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, girl, but those basic template websites and premade logos from etsy or Fiverr just aren’t gonna cut it.

Now I’ve already talked about the need to establish your brand as “high-end” — basically, as a small business owner providing custom services, you just don’t have the time or the resources to be competing on price. You need to price yourself for profit and sustainability which means marketing your business as “high-end.”

But if you want to compete as a high end brand, then your branding has to be high end. Makes sense, right?

So if you’re wondering whether you can afford a professional brand designer to help you create a high-end one-of-a-kind visual branding system—you really need to ask yourself: can you afford not to?

If you’re feeling down and out because you think your clients aren’t willing to pay for your work—it’s most likely not your WORK they’re unwilling to pay for. It’s your BRAND.

So that’s the bad news… but here’s the good news: You’re in the right place, girl! I empower female entrepreneurs with visual branding that gives them the confidence to succeed. Because I believe that confident and successful women will change the world.

So go ahead and fill out my contact form—it’s your turn for that one-of-a-kind luxury branding that sets you miles ahead of your competition, and makes your dream clients fall in love!

To recap, the top three mistakes I see creative entrepreneurs make with their visual branding are:

  1. Thinking they don’t have or need a visual branding system—you absolutely do! So make sure it’s sending the right message.
  2. Being inconsistent—remember consistency is key when building trust with your audience!
  3. Trying to attract high paying clients with budget branding—it’s crazy, right? Don’t do it.

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