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Do You REALLY NEED a Luxury Brand Identity?

Are you wondering if building a luxury brand identity is the right move for your business? This blog post is for you! I’ll answer the question, “What is luxury branding?” and you’ll learn why a luxury branding strategy isn’t for everyone. #luxurybrand #entrepreneurship #lifecoach #brandingtips

Jul 3

Okay, I wasn’t going to make this video… 

But I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I think it’s something that needs to be discussed…

And it feels a little controversial because, at first glance, it seemingly goes against everything I’ve built my business on.

Let me tell you what I mean…

I’ve spent the last 10+ years refining my skills as a luxury brand designer and strategist. What began as a career in building brands for high-profile clients in the corporate world has evolved into a much more aligned mission—using those same skills to empower online entrepreneurs to earn more while pursuing their passion. 

I’ve been building luxury brands for years—whether for large corporations or entrepreneurial women—so I know a thing or two about the importance of establishing a luxury brand identity. I’ve seen just how much it can impact the profitability and overall success of a company.

And you might think that I believe every business needs luxury branding, but you’d be wrong!

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In this video, I’m answering the question, “Do you really NEED a luxury brand identity?”—so you can decide if this is the right direction for YOUR business.

So let’s dig in!

What is luxury branding?

With over a decade of experience in marketing luxury brands, I know what it takes to set your business apart. And I’ve applied this knowledge not only to growing Fortune 500 companies, but also to building my own successful agency—completely from scratch!

And now, I love having the opportunity to take everything I’ve learned along the way and use it to help you grow your business, attract higher-paying clients, and truly live your best life. I believe women like you deserve the confidence to raise your prices and work with clients you love.

For a select few in each industry, luxury branding is the KEY to achieving those dreams.

And if you’re wondering what it actually means to have a luxury brand identity, it means having a one-of-a-kind, high-end brand. You can learn more about achieving this for your own brand in one of my other videos, Luxury Branding: How To Build A High End Brand. But for now, here are a few basics:

  • Visual branding—Luxury brands have a higher perceived value because of impeccable visual branding—like their logo, website, marketing materials, and overall brand aesthetic.
  • Exclusivity—Think about Chanel or Louis Vuitton… luxury brands like these are unapologetic about NOT being for everyone! Which is kind of brilliant, right? What a relief! Hit that ‘Like’ button down below if you’re ready to build a little exclusivity into your own brand!
  • Craftsmanship—High-end brands are known for the superior quality of their products or services, which is a big reason why they can charge a premium price.

All of these elements are crucial when it comes to setting your brand apart as luxury. But, truly, a luxury brand identity is NOT right for everyone. Like I said, it’s really only effective for a select few in each industry.

When a luxury brand identity DOESN’T work…

A lot of times, it just doesn’t make sense for a business to position itself as a luxury brand. And that’s honestly okay! If everyone were calling themselves “luxury,” the concept of luxury would cease to exist.

So here are a few examples of when a luxury brand identity doesn’t work:

01. You’re selling a commodity.

If you’re in the business of selling goods or resources—not services—then this approach might not be for you. The nature of a commodity is that it’s replaceable, which is kinda the opposite of one-of-a-kind, don’t you think?

02. You want to compete on price.

If your marketing strategy hinges on beating your competition on price alone, you won’t be able to successfully market your brand as a luxury brand. High-end brands simply do NOT offer discounts—because it cheapens their image and undercuts all of their hard work cultivating a reputation for being premium and sought-after.

03. You’re not interested in being an industry leader.

There’s no way around it—luxury brands ooze confidence. So if you fear putting yourself out there, this route may not be for you. But seriously, don’t be discouraged if you’re lacking in the confidence department or are naturally more reserved. Like any skill, confidence can be cultivated over time (with the right tools!). For my take on this, check out another one of my videos, Tips For Introverts: How To Show Up In Business.

Who would benefit from a luxury branding strategy?

Now, let’s change gears and shine a light on who WOULD want a luxury brand identity. 

Business owners who are good contenders for luxury positioning all have the same things in common:

01. You’re discerning with your clientele.

You know you can’t move toward your revenue goals by attracting bargain hunters. You only want to work with high-quality clients—meaning they see the value in your offering and are willing to pay a premium for it!

02. You’re a service provider who values your time.

You’re DONE with barely making ends meet—you don’t want to trade your time for money anymore. You’re intrigued by the idea of charging more while working less. And you want your clients to value your time just like they value your service.

03. You want to sell high-ticket programs.

You have so much unique value to offer your clients, and you want your services to reflect the one-of-a-kind experience your clients will receive when working with you. And you want to be compensated well for your expertise—by framing your services in an expensive program (or similar offering). 

04. You want to stand out as the go-to expert in your niche.

You want to be THE PERSON people go to for your specific solution, and you’ve got the experience and results to back you up. You’re open to doing the work and not getting ruffled by your competition. Ultimately, you’re not afraid of putting yourself out there.

So, I’m curious… 

Which list did you resonate with the most—the first or second? Let me know by typing 1 or 2 in the comments! But honestly, if you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming that means you’re one of those select few who are luxury brand leaders in the making!

And I have the perfect resource that’s custom-made for ambitious online entrepreneurs like yourself. So if you’d like to learn exactly how to position your business as a luxury brand, attract higher-paying clients, and claim financial freedom, be sure to grab my FREE guide, 7 Steps to a Luxury Brand

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