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Wondering how to get new (or more) website visitors? You’re in the right place, girl! I’m sharing my top 3 tips for boosting your website traffic in today’s video and post! (Quick heads up: this post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase through them I may earn a small commission, at no additional […]

One of my favorite parts of using Showit to design all of my client websites—is how easy it is to include video into the design! I especially love those big gorgeous banner and background videos. So if you’re anything like me, you were probably a little disappointed when you discovered that you couldn’t include those […]

Having a great experience for your mobile website visitors is essential in converting them into clients! Why? Because over half of all web traffic is now on mobile devices. [source] And a few years ago, Google even starting using a site’s “mobile-friendliness” to determine search engine ranking. So yeah, your mobile website is pretty dang […]

Looking for website design ideas so you can ace your DIY site? Listen, I’m gonna be honest—as a professional web designer, of course I think you should hire someone to build you an epic website! But I also know that’s not always an option. So if you’re determined to DIY your website, and not have […]

One of the very first things I did after starting my wedding photography business back in 2009, was to go out and find myself a simple photography website template. While I didn’t yet have a graphic design degree under my belt — and certainly didn’t understand the significance of branding or high-end website design for […]

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to get your Showit website ranking higher in search engines — then this video is for you! In Episode 102 I’m sharing 3 tips to boost SEO for photographers’ websites! So, you’ve got a gorgeous, brand-spanking-new website full of all of your best work. As far as you […]

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