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5 Tips To Building Your Brand With Social Media

5 Tips To Building Your Brand With Social Media | Wondering how to gain more followers, build your influence, and find the perfect clients for your online business? This video is for you, friend! Click through to learn how to use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more for your biz! #business #marketing #socialmedia #instagram

Oct 17

5 Tips To Building Your Brand With Social Media | Wondering how to gain more followers, build your influence, and find the perfect clients for your online business? This video is for you, friend! Click through to learn how to use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more for your biz! #business #marketing #socialmedia #instagram

You know you need a social media presence for your brand, right? But once you’ve got those accounts set up… what the heck are you supposed to do?

This is one of the biggest questions I get from my clients and my audience: How do I use social media to build my brand?!

So, in today’s video I’m sharing my 5 top tips for using social media to build your brand—let’s dive in!

Social Media Tips For Business: 5 Secrets To Grow Your Brand

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Tip #1: Know Who Your Ideal Client Is

Knowing your Ideal Client is a really important part of building a successful brand—so important that I work with entrepreneurs one-on-one to help them better identify and market to their ideal clients.

“Ideal client” is a pretty popular buzzword these days—but just in case you’re unfamiliar with the concept:

An Ideal Client is your brand’s “dream client.”

It describes the best audience for your brand. It’s not necessarily an actual client that you will encounter. Instead it is a list of the characteristics of your brand’s desired audience—and the more specific you can be, the better!

You also need to know your ideal client so you can build a successful social media marketing strategy—the whole point should be to connect with that ideal client!

So you need to know who you’re talking to—otherwise you don’t really know what to say.

If you’ve ever caught yourself staring blankly at your phone, wondering what the heck to post—I’m guessing you haven’t gotten clear enough on your ideal client.

But don’t worry—you’re not alone!

Most entrepreneurs that I talk to think they know who their ideal client is—but when I start to ask to ask them questions, it becomes pretty clear to me that THEY haven’t gotten clear enough. 

At best they’ve got a broad and generalized idea of who they’re marketing to (and who their business is for)—and that’s why they’re struggling.

Ready to get clear on your ideal client so you can start posting to social media with confidence and real connection?

Well, you’re in luck! Because I’ve created Your Social Brand Guidebook to help you build a flawless social strategy—including figuring out who you’re talking to and what to say!

The best part is it’s totally free—so download your copy now!

Tip #2: Hang Out Where Your Ideal Client Is

Speaking of your ideal client—you need to figure out WHO they are so you can then be WHERE they are!

I’m a big believer in quality over quantity. It’s one of the core beliefs of my business and it directs the way I approach every aspect of my brand—including social media.

I don’t think you need to be on every single social media platform. In fact, I’d argue the opposite!

Pick one, two, MAYBE three platforms—and give them your full attention.

That’s quality over quantity.

When you focus your efforts on less platforms, you can give your followers so much more. And I’m all about that!

So, if you’re only gonna be on a couple of platforms—how do you know which ones to choose?

Hello Ideal Client!

When you’re crystal clear on your ideal client, you already know where they’re hanging out online. And guess what—that’s where you need to be hanging out too!

Makes sense, right?

So grab Your Social Brand Guidebook and get to work, girl! 

Then figure out where they’re hanging out—Instagram? Facebook? LinkedIn? Pinterest? YouTube? Twitter?

When you know your ideal client, you know the answer.

Tip #3: Use your brand voice on social media

Okay, enough about that “ideal client,” right? Let’s talk about YOU for a second.

Why would anyone care what you have to say?

Well, using social media for your brand is all about finding and growing your tribe—those die-hard fans who connect with you, engage with you, and are honestly excited about what you have to say!

And the best way to make that connection is by finding your authentic Brand Voice.

Think about those posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that make you stop your scroll.

In all the noise and commotion on social media, there are those certain brands and accounts that consistently grab your attention. You actually stop to read their posts… and when you do, you feel like they are talking directly to you!

That’s powerful stuff.

And that’s what you want for your social media branding.

Finding your brand voice is a journey—it’s a way of expressing what your brand stands for, and sharing it in an authentic and engaging way.

Pro Tip: Write the way you speak.

Your social posts should never be written like a college term paper (ugh, boring and stuffy)—they should read the way you speak. While writing social posts, read them out loud and see if they sound “natural.” If not—tweak it until is reads like you’re talking to a good friend (instead of lecturing to a crowd of strangers).

Tip #4: Create Visual Consistency Across Your Social Media

You’ve probably heard of the idea of creating a “curated Instagram feed”—which just means you’re thoughtfully curating the images and graphics on your feed so they create a consistent and cohesive look to represent your brand.

[Check out how I curate my Instagram feed!]

And that’s a great place to start!

But in reality, ALL of your social media visuals—across all of your social media platforms—need to be on brand. That means you consistently use your brand colors, fonts, and similar aesthetic in all photos and graphics.

By being consistent with your visuals, you make your brand recognizable to your audience.

I’ve actually had followers tell me that they recognize one of my posts before they ever see my account name or read the caption—because my post photos and graphics always have a certain “look.” 

When your audience recognizes your visuals, they’re more likely to engage with you! 

Tip #5 Post Regularly and Consistently

Speaking of consistency—you need to make sure that you are posting on social media regularly and consistently.

Without a plan, most entrepreneurs post haphazardly, usually in a panic because they realize weeks or (oh my goodness!) months have passed, and they haven’t posted anything—so they need to post something RIGHT NOW!

This is probably one of the most damaging things you could do for your brand. When you’re only showing up sporadically and without a clear strategy behind your content, you’re not giving your audience the chance to connect and build a relationship or loyalty with your brand. 

Worse than that, for those followers who actually are paying attention—they realize that you probably don’t have your “stuff together” (as far as your social media goes). 

But in their minds, this will translate to every other aspect of your brand. They’ll assume that you don’t have your “stuff together” when it comes to running your business or providing services as well. And that means you’re losing potential clients—because you’ve lost their trust. 

The key to posting regularly and consistently—and more than that—staying on brand with your posts, is having a solid strategy behind your social media.

I’ll actually be going into detail about building a social media strategy later in this series—so be sure to subscribe on YouTube—so you don’t miss out.

Also, get started on that FREE download—Your Social Brand Guidebook—because we’ll be coming back to that too!

Social Media Brand: Recap

Okay, let’s recap! Here are my top 5 tips to building your brand with social media:

  1. Know who your ideal client is
  2. Hang out where your ideal client is
  3. Use your brand voice on social media 
  4. Create visual consistency across your social media 
  5. Post regularly and consistently

I hope these tips have inspired you to take a look at your own social media strategy for your brand (or lack there of)—and get ready to take it to the next level! That’s what this whole series is about!

Your Turn!

I wanna know: are YOU using social media for your business? What’s your favorite platform?

Let me know in a comment below!

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