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A Gold Glam Baby Shower

Who says you have to have a baby shower dripping with pastel blue just because you’re having a little boy? Not this girl. I’m a girly-girl to the core (in case you couldn’t tell…). So when my mom suggested a Kate Spade-inspired soiree I was thrilled.

I was also super excited when my brother and bff, Zach, offered to throw my shower. He and I are incredibly close. We talk almost every day, and when I got married he stood next to me as my “man-of-honor.” So I knew I wanted him at my shower. How lucky am I though, that Zach happened to work as a professional event producer for years? With my mom’s help, he threw me a glittering glam (and totally girly) party to celebrate my new baby.

The shower was mostly a surprise for me. I only knew when and where it would take place (my house, a couple of weeks ago). Zach flew in from California a few days before and he and my mom immediately got to work with preparations. It was all very secretive… and I was a little sad that I didn’t get to spend much time with them (because they kept shooing me out of my own kitchen!). But it actually worked out perfectly, since it gave me time to wrap up my last big branding project before going on maternity leave.

They made almost everything from scratch. Zach designed the event and all of the stationery. He even started with an elaborate brandboard that included color swatches and font selections. (This is why we get along so well…). My mom sewed table linens — yes, she made all of the napkins, table runners and tablecloth! And they spent days cooking and baking food for my brunch-time shower. Some of my favorite details included a mimosa bar with frozen fruit ice cubes and the most delicious mini chocolate donuts — complete with gold sprinkles!

I was just blown away by how it all turned out! All of the details were so beautiful and the food was delicious. I felt very blessed to to have had this time to celebrate with my wonderful friends and family. A huge thanks to my brother, mom and all the lovely ladies who helped love on me and my little guy.


Paper Flower Bouquet by Kerry Murphy

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