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7 Rules for an About Page that Effortlessly Attracts Life Coaching Clients

Wondering how to write an About page for your life coach website? Then this blog post is for you! I’m sharing 7 of my best About page tips—so your website can magnetize and convert your ideal client. #luxurybrand #lifecoach #webdesign #webdesignagency

Aug 24

Not sure what you need to include in your About page?

I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing my best tips for creating an About page that magnetizes your ideal clients so they can fall in love with your brand.

And here’s a hint—your About page is alllllll about THEM, not you.

Sounds kinda backwards, right? Stay tuned and I’ll explain why.

I’m Moriah—the founder and creative director of Moriah Riona Branding. And I’m passionate about empowering female coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs with luxury branding so they can claim financial freedom. On this channel, I share everything I know about building your brand, your online authority, and your audience—so you can charge your worth and build a thriving business

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In this video, I’m sharing 7 rules that I swear by for creating an About page that converts casual visitors into die-hard fans.

Before we launch into the rules, let’s talk about why you have to absolutely nail your About page.

Why Your About Page Is So Important

People don’t purchase high-ticket services from people they don’t know. An About page gives your visitor a closer look at who’s behind the brand—which is crucial for building your know, like, trust factor with a prospective client.

Not only that, but it also gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise—so your visitor can see you as the expert they’ve been looking for. They’re seeking a transformation, and your About page will show them exactly how they can achieve that by working with you.

Ready to dive into the rules?

About Page Rule #1: Make it more about THEM than about you

If you want your About page to convert your leads into paying clients, make sure it stays focused mainly on THEM. The idea here is for them to feel very seen, heard, and validated by you—so they know you understand their struggle.

Then, let them know the benefits they’ll experience if they follow you, work with you, or purchase from you. Explain the value you provide. Help them picture what their life can look like with your help.

That’s exactly what we did for our client, Mandy Straight. Notice how the headline on her About page is about THEM, not about her?

About Page Rule #2: Position yourself as THE expert

While your About page should focus mainly on your audience’s transformation, it’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase what makes you an expert. 

Be sure to highlight your:

  • Qualifications
  • Credentials
  • Experience
  • Awards
  • Recognition
  • And any notable accomplishments

When it comes to your About page, you should take every opportunity you can to boost your credibility in the eyes of your prospective client. 

About Page Design Rule #3: Include a CURRENT, professional headshot

If people are clicking over to your About page, it’s because they’re curious about YOU. Make sure you “meet” them with your smiling face. This personal touch makes your website feel much more warm and welcoming, don’t you agree? Hit that ‘Like’ button down below if you think so, too.

It drives me crazy when I go to an about page and it’s just a wall of text with no image of the entrepreneur! And it’s almost as bad when the photo is 10 years old and doesn’t even look like you anymore. 

Build recognition with your audience by having photos of yourself on your About page—and across the rest of your site, too!

About Page Design Rule #4: Make it visually appealing

Speaking of that “wall of text”—make sure your About page isn’t boring! If it’s just a long block of words with no breaks, your prospects are going to bounce right off the page…

Large blocks of text are intimidating, and they feel like too much work to read. But great web design will break up your About page into various visual elements—to hold the visitor’s attention and compel them to continue down the page.

See how we achieved this for our client, Michelle Cook of Illumine coaching? No wall of text here… and definitely not boring at all!

About Page Rule #5: Share the WHY behind your brand

If you’re wondering how to really connect with your dreamiest clients—THIS is how. When they know your story, they’ll feel in alignment with your WHY.

Curious what my WHY is? At Moriah Riona Branding, we empower women in business with the luxury branding they need to stand out as the go-to expert in their niche, attract their ideal clients, and unapologetically pursue financial success. Because we believe that the world needs more successful female CEOs and business owners.

And our clients deeply connect with our WHY because we showcase it on our website

Though we share our WHY throughout our site and brand as a whole, it’s such an important piece that we highlighted it in a special Mission + Manifesto canvas right here on the About page.

And now I’m curious… What’s your WHY? Let me know in the comments!

About Page Rule #6: Tell your story in YOUR voice

Now that your visitor feels very seen by you, it’s time to let your story shine. And don’t be afraid to share your story in YOUR unique voice—and always in the first person. Let your personality shine through as you explain how you got to where you are.

And instead of just rattling off facts, see if you can captivate your reader through storytelling. It’s so much more powerful and engaging!

About Page Rule #7: Make the next step clear and easy

If your visitor makes it down to the bottom of the page, then your About page has done its job! Now it’s time to tell your visitor what their next step is to work with you—with a crystal clear call to action. 

You should make this very easy to find on your page—a button works great here. And to avoid confusion, the text needs to be clear and concise. Here are some examples of great button text:

  • Book a Consult
  • Let’s Talk
  • Work With Me
  • Get Started

See what I mean? When it comes to your CTA button, clear trumps clever every time. So keep it simple!

Now you’re in on my best About page tips! You know exactly how to write an About page that makes your website visitors feel engaged, connected, and drawn to book your incredible services.

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