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My Blogging advice for Small Business Owners

Are you wondering how you can use your blog to reach more dream clients? This blog post is for you! I’m sharing my best blogging advice so you can learn how to use this powerful marketing tool to expand your reach and make more money. It’s all here in my top 3 tips for blogging! #blogging #bloggingtips #blogger #contentmarketing

Jan 26

I hear it from other entrepreneurs all the time: “Blogging is dead—it’s a waste of your time.” But I’m here to debunk this myth once and for all, because blogging is actually one of the most effective marketing tools for your business.

Want to know how I’m so sure? Because I’ve seen it work its magic in my own business.

If you want to learn how a blog can supercharge your business, then this video is for you. I’m here to share with you my best blogging advice for small business owners.

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In this video, I’m teaching you how to use strategic content marketing to expand your reach, attract leads, and grow your business.

You may be wondering: Are blogs still a thing?

There’s a common misbelief floating around out there saying blogging is irrelevant. But let’s go ahead and debunk that myth right now!

The truth is, I wouldn’t be where I am in my business if it weren’t for my blog—it’s the “hub” of my entire marketing strategy.

In fact, my blog is how most of my clients find me! From digging into my analytics, I can see that more people enter my website through one of my popular blog posts than through my home page.

Not only that, but my blog helps build my authority in my niche. And by providing consistent, relevant content, my audience grows to trust me and my expertise.

I’ve found a ton of success with blogging, and it’s one of the ways we help our clients succeed, too! Blogging is just so important and so worthwhile—it makes me crazy when I hear people say “blogging is dead.”

If you’re not convinced yet, here are the top 3 reasons why you really NEED a blog:

1. You own your blog

A lot of my clients come to me asking for help growing their Instagram and other social media accounts. They’re always surprised when I tell them they really need to be blogging instead.

When they ask me why, I tell them it’s because YOU own your blog. There’s so much competition on social media platforms—it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Users are scrolling through their feeds faster than they can even think, so they rarely stop to actually read your post. And even when they do, they’re usually onto the next thing immediately after. 

But on your own blog, you have your audience’s full attention. And you have an opportunity to offer your lead magnet right there in the post. A blog makes it so easy for your readers to quickly access your About page and more information about your services.

And—bonus —you never have to worry about that pesky A-word…. Yep, I’m talking about the elusive and always-changing algorithm of social media platforms. You’re in charge of how your content shows up! Give me a thumbs up below if you think that sounds pretty incredible.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can all be valuable tools in building your business. But they should be at the TOP of your funnel and ultimately driving traffic to your blog.

2. Blogs build your authority

If your audience has a question, YOU want to be the one presenting the answer. Providing long-form content in your area of expertise helps to establish you as a leader in your niche.

When you’re consistently publishing high-quality content, you’re able to truly add value to your readers’ lives. This builds trust and a real connection—and they’ll begin looking to you as the source of truth in your field.

Are you starting to see how blogging helps you position yourself as the go-to expert? Leadership is invaluable when it comes to your reputation, and it empowers you to charge more for your services. And that’s the dream!

To learn more about building this type of niche leadership brand, you should watch my video, How To Be A Leader In Your Niche.

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Alright, ready for reason number three?

2. People can find you

Let’s face it… the internet is huge, sprawling, and—well, overwhelming at times! I know how intimidating it can be to try to stand out online. That’s why SEO is so important.

So, what is SEO in marketing, anyway? SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. In short, it’s a way of formatting the text on your website to help you rank higher on Google. And having a blog is critical for SEO. 

When it’s done right, your blog can organically drive traffic from Google straight to your website. The best part is—if someone is actively searching for something related to your content—they’re in need of your solution. And Google will bring them right to you.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, my company works exclusively on the Showit platform for web design, and I’ve heard people complain for years that Showit isn’t good for SEO. However, my website is on Showit, and I’ve been able to rank on the first page of Google for some of my top keywords.

Want to know how? It’s because I BLOG—with search engines in mind at all times. And not just Google! Did you know that YouTube and Pinterest are search engines, too? That means they also have the power to drive organic traffic to your website.

I attribute a lot of my online success to my three-fold SEO strategy—including Google, Pinterest, and YouTube. And in my strategy, all three platforms are interconnected. 

On Pinterest, I share each one of my blog posts on the platform using multiple variations of pins. And each one of my YouTube videos (like this one!) has an accompanying blog post. 

See how they all work together? There’s one powerhouse running the show: my blog.

And there you have it! Now you’ve learned exactly how to maximize your marketing efforts using the power of a blog so you can reach more people online.

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If all of this has your marketing gears turning, you’ll want to watch this video for some more goodies: Luxury Brand Marketing Basics For Creative Entrepreneurs | 3 MUST KNOW Tips! And for a steady stream of video content on marketing your luxury brand, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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