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I had visions of a pink tutu blowing in the breeze in front of a pastel sunset for this beachy portrait session and I was so glad that Kelly agreed. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you already know that almost every year my family goes to Oak Island, North Carolina for […]

My autumn has been frantic – in the best way possible. Here’s a little update via my instagram feed:

Entrepreneurship is a lonely and dark path to forge. Hours staring at my computer screen, with nothing but Pandora and my fur-baby to keep my company, leave me longing for human interaction. More than that, I crave the kind of understanding that can only come from someone on a similar journey. That is exactly what […]

In the summer of 2013 my grandfather took our family on a coach tour of Scotland. Since then these images have been sitting on a hard drive waiting to be shared. Composing this post, and selecting the nearly 70 photos that it includes, I was reminded of how vividly photographs capture memories. I know that […]

Something about spending the better half of Sunday afternoon searching for wedding cakes on Pinterest made it feel particularly real. It finally hit me that I’m actually getting married. It had seemed like a rather nebulous idea until then but I decided to buckle down this last weekend and get some planning done with the […]

The first time I saw the brightly painted colonial architecture and winding cobblestone streets of Old San Juan on my computer screen I knew I had to go. This was a place I wanted (needed) to photograph. After studying (read: pinning to my newly created San Juan Pinterest Board) the enchanting architecture for a couple […]

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