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The ONE piece of advice I’d give my younger self | Entrepreneur Mindset

Want to know how to cultivate an entrepreneur mindset so you can start dreaming BIG? This blog post is for you! You’ll learn my best entrepreneurship advice, including why it’s crucial to shift into an entrepreneurial mindset BEFORE you set your income goals. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurmotivation #lifecoach #brandingtips

Jul 24

Have you ever felt sort of let down when you finally achieved one of your business goals?

It’s okay—you can be honest!

I know I’m not the only one who’s been majorly underwhelmed when I met my goals…

Even goals that I’ve had for a looooong time, like hitting 100K in my business. When I finally reached this milestone, you’d think I would be celebrating and patting myself on the back.

But here’s what actually happened… I was left with a nagging feeling of disappointment and an inner voice screaming, “Is this it? This CAN’T be it…”

Because as I looked around, I realized I didn’t feel any richer. And when I was being honest with myself about my finances, I saw that so much of that 100K actually went toward business expenses to keep my business alive.

So I acknowledged this harsh truth: $100K isn’t actually all that much for business owners.

And I began questioning my goal in the first place. Why was I so set on this number? Why was I thinking so small for all those years? Why didn’t I set a bigger goal for myself?

And more importantly…

What now?!

Stick around, and you’ll learn how—and why—I shifted into an entrepreneurial mindset to empower myself to think bigger. MUCH bigger. Since then, I’ve welcomed major success into my business—the kind I never dreamed was possible—and with much more to come in the future. 

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In this video, I’m sharing what was holding me back from thinking BIG for my business—so you can move through the same limiting beliefs much faster than I did, and start making more money.

So let’s get started!

[Entrepreneurship Advice:] How not dreaming bigger held me back

For years, I didn’t realize I was trapped in really small thinking. And these limiting beliefs had a huge, negative impact on 3 major areas of my life and business:

Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #1: Finances

For a long time, I stayed laser-focused on hitting a 6-figure income goal for my business. And this tunnel vision prevented me from seeing that I could aim higher—like 7 figures, or even 8! 

If you think 8 figures sounds IMPOSSIBLE, just wait until you see my upcoming video about making $1 million in a year—where I’ll explain why impossible goals are the best kind to have! 

To this day, I’m still really frustrated with my past self in this area. And that’s because I now have the awareness to realize the mindset necessary to reach 6 figures isn’t that different from the mindset required to reach higher goals. 

Ultimately, I really wish I had dreamed bigger from the start. I want you to have that chance, starting right now. 

In fact, one of my most valuable tips for entrepreneurs is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and DREAM BIG.

So if you’re on board with setting much bigger goals for your business, I want you to type “The sky’s the limit” in the comments! Go ahead—do it right now. Cuz I know AND you know that you deserve more.

And truly, if you’ve been stuck in small thinking, please don’t be hard on yourself. It seems like almost everybody out there is working toward their own $100K goal, and we subconsciously latch on because it’s what our peers and competitors are doing. I know that’s part of why I had that same goal back when I started my entrepreneurial journey as a wedding photographer.

But regardless, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—a true entrepreneurial mindset involves thinking bigger financially. It’s not about creating a “job” for yourself—like when I was a wedding photographer—it’s about building a business that’s bigger than yourself. Which brings me to my next point…

Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #2: Scalability

As a service provider and creative, I stayed stuck for wayyyy too long doing *all the things* myself. But these days, that’s not my approach anymore. And I’m far better off because of it! 

To build a business that’s bigger than myself and to meet my bigger goals, I’ve learned to embrace the power of outsourcing and delegating. Lately, I’ve been working on building my team—so I can focus entirely on tasks that move my business forward. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? Hit that ‘Like’ button if you’d like to let go of the reins a little in your own business!

Honestly, I didn’t start thinking this way about my business until I read one of my now-favorite books, The E Myth Revisited, by Michael E. Gerber. This book opened my eyes to why we need to step back as the “worker bee” and step into the role of CEO. This shift has been genuinely pivotal for my business. Grab a copy for yourself by using the link in the description below!

Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #3: Personal Freedom

By not dreaming bigger, I spent too many years letting my business run my life. For example, I didn’t even pay myself for years. I just kept putting money back into my business. And I was working painstakingly long hours—for literally NO pay! 

Want to take a wild guess at what that led to? You guessed it—extreme burnout. I even began to resent my business because of it.

But the thing is… as my dreams got bigger, my boundaries got stronger. As my intuition for moving the needle got sharper, I finally began delegating. And as I let go of the reins more and more, a newfound personal freedom finally emerged. 

See how it all connects?

Now you’re in on my number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs—stop thinking small, work on cultivating an entrepreneur mindset, and watch your business thrive. 

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