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How to Attract Higher Paying Clients

Wondering how to attract higher paying clients? This video is for you! I’m sharing my best tips for how to get high paying clients as a new entrepreneur, how to build a high ticket funnel, my high ticket secrets, lead generation and more! #highticket #coaching #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur

Aug 10

Wondering how to attract higher paying clients? By the end of this video you’ll know how to say ‘goodbye’ to bargain hunting customers once and for all—and finally start attracting those higher paying clients that you’ve been dreaming of.

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Wondering how to attract higher paying clients? This video is for you! I’m sharing my best tips for how to get high paying clients as a new entrepreneur, how to build a high ticket funnel, my high ticket secrets, lead generation and more! #highticket #coaching #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur

Work on Your Money Mindset

So, you want to be able to charge more, right?

But how do you actually feel about those higher ticket prices?

Be honest. Does it make you feel uncomfortable? A lot of female entrepreneurs that I speak with admit to feeling either guilty or unworthy when it comes to charging more. The words “imposter syndrome” come up a lot.

But here’s the thing—if you don’t believe in yourself, your worth, and the value that you bring to your market, your clients NEVER will either.

This is actually something I struggled with a lot in my own business, for years. I’ve spent the last few years doing a lot of mindset work around money and the value that I bring to my clients.

Breaking Through My Income Barriers

I’ve had two coaches in particular, Brook Castillo and Chris Do, who have really helped me break through my own income barriers. 

I just want to be clear: these income barriers were entirely self-imposed. Subconsciously I had put a limit on my own earning potential, because of my beliefs around money and value. 

I had these very ingrained beliefs, that were constant stories in my head—and I thought they were fact, and non-negotiable. Stories like:

  • Making money is hard
  • Making a lot of money means you’re selfish
  • I don’t deserve to be successful

Saying some of these things out loud even sounds a little crazy—especially to me now. But that’s the problem with thoughts.

We’re constantly thinking them, usually on repeat, usually in the background. And usually we never stop to question them.

So these thoughts, in a very real way, will shape our life experiences. They’ll shape our business and our success (or lack thereof).

Your Clients and Value

One of my coaches, Chris Do, asked this question: 

“Who determines value? You or your client?”

And I think most of us would initially assume that we do—as business owners, we’re the ones that set the price. But as I have learned, price and value are not at all the same thing. 

We set the price and it’s up to the client to determine if our service or product is worth that price. And that is the definition of value.

Value High Ticket Purchases

Speaking of the customer defining the value, I also think it’s incredibly important for you to make sure you truly value high ticket purchases as well—and not just your own offers.

This is also a part of your mindset. If you are someone who always shops based on price and finding the cheapest option, I hate to tell you this, but you’re probably not cut out to build a luxury brand.

You need to truly understand the value in high-end purchases to be able to sell them as well. If you have a “cheapest is best” or “bargain” mentality, how do you ever expect to attract high paying clients? If you’re being honest with yourself, you probably don’t believe in the value of your own product or service—at least as a high end offer.

Experience Luxury Brands Yourself

Now, I’m definitely not saying that you need to go into debt buying luxury handbags or cars. But I am saying that you need to find the value in luxury brands, and experience that value yourself.

Find things that are important to you, whether that’s fashion or travel, or even hiring a family photographer or business coach, and instead of automatically opting for the cheapest version, invest in higher end products or services.

Also, realize that this is such a great learning experience.

Be aware of the entire experience and take note of how it differs from your usual purchases. What did you like? What did you dislike? What would you do differently?

If you want to sell to higher paying clients, I truly believe you need to put yourself in their shoes first. You need to understand what it is to be a high paying client.

Position Yourself as an Expert Leader in Your Niche

One of the best ways to make yourself invaluable to your clients is to position yourself as an expert leader in your niche.

I actually just published this video—How to Be a Leader in Your Niche—to help you do just that. Click that link below to check it out.

In very basic terms, the goal is to establish your expertise in your very focused niche, so that you will stand out from your competition. In fact, the more specialized and niched down you can get, the less competition you’ll actually have.

You’ll become known as the one person who solves that one problem. And that makes you invaluable to the right client—so price suddenly becomes much less relevant.

The Benefits of Niche Leadership

The other thing that this type of leadership does, is help you gain exposure. When you become known as a niche expert it makes you more desirable to not only clients, but also other niche industry leaders. You can leverage your knowledge and expertise into press and notoriety—from podcast interviews to book deals, all of which reaffirm your high ticket value.

Are you ready to stop playing small, and show up as a niche leader instead? Hit that ‘thumbs up’ below if the answer is ‘yes!’

Know Your Audience and Clientele—Better Than They Do

One of the best parts about claiming your niche expertise is that it helps you build your audience. And when you truly know your audience and how to help them, they become ardent fans and paying clients.

Here’s a little secret that most entrepreneurs don’t understand:

People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people. We are social creatures and we are relationship-driven. By building know, like, and trust with your audience, you become their go-to expert.

Also, people don’t pay for products or services. People pay to solve their problems.

We might think that people need the services we offer. I promise you, they don’t. What they do need is the SOLUTION that your service provides. People want the result—and they’re willing to pay big money for the right result.

What they really want is an answer to their problem.

Finding Your Client’s Pain Point

So, there’s this sweet spot where your zone of genius and expertise overlaps with your audience’s problem or in marketing speak, we call it their “pain point.”

There you provide the solution to their problem. The result they’ve been craving.

In order to know what that result or solution is, you actually need to know your audience and your clients better than they know themselves.

That’s why I highly recommend developing your own unique ideal client avatar, so you can essentially get into the mind of your perfect client.

And when I talk about an ideal client there are two essential elements:

  • They need your service and the result it provides
  • They have the ability to pay you

Only Work With Clients Who Value You

I don’t know if you need to hear this today—but I see way too many entrepreneurs forgetting that second part. Stop trying to work with people who can’t afford you. If they say they can’t afford you, they actually don’t value the result. And they’re NOT an ideal client.

Figuring out your ideal client can be pretty daunting, so I’ve actually got quite a few resources to help you—including several videos here on this channel, as well as my 50-page guide, Client Breakthrough—the ultimate guide to defining, attracting, and booking your ideal clients on repeat.

I’ll leave links to all of those for you in the description down below.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far in the video, thanks for watching! You’ve found out quite a few of my favorite marketing secrets that most of your fellow entrepreneurs are still oblivious to. 

So, let’s take a stand together, here and now—and promise we will no longer chase clients who don’t value us! Leave me a comment down below, saying “No more cheap clients!” if you’re ready for the high paying clients you deserve.

Build a Flawless Luxury Brand

Listen, if you want to attract high ticket clients, you can’t have a brand that comes across as discount, bargain, consumer, common, or ordinary.

You need to position your business as a luxury brand to command high-end pricing.

The type of client you’re looking to attract—someone who is comfortable paying premium pricing—has a high expectation of the brands they interact with.

Whether they want to drive a BMW, get the latest Louis Vuitton handbag, or spend the weekend at the Ritz Carlton Spa at Laguna Beach, they know that those things come with a price tag that matches their high level branding.

If you want to be expensive, you have to look expensive. Period.

No more DIY—because the very best you can expect from a DIY brand is DIY customers. 

Instead, invest in your brand like you want your clients to invest in you.

For more information about building a high-end luxury brand, check out this video: Luxury Branding: How to Build a High End Brand

Now you know how to start attracting higher paying clients, but what do you do once they’ve booked? I’ve written a 10-page guide on how to create a remarkable luxury experience from start to finish.

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