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Ideal Client Avatar for Life Coaches: 5 Steps To Getting Booked Out

Mar 30

I hear 2 main complaints from my clients about their clients—first, they don’t like their clients. The only ones they seem to attract are difficult, don’t value their pricing, and are only shopping around for the cheapest option.

The second complaint is that they are not getting ANY new clients.

If you’ve struggled with either of those scenarios—this video is for you!

I’m sharing 5 tips to create an ideal client avatar for life coaches:

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Wondering how to create an ideal client avatar for life coaches? You're in luck! This video is a deep-dive into the process I use to determine your ideal client profile, specifically for online coaches—but the same rules apply if you're a photographer, graphic designer, hair stylist, author—or any other type of creative service provider! Learn my top 5 tips to define and attract your ideal customer over and over again—including creating a luxury brand platform helps you get booked out with dream clients. #idealclient #branding #idealclientavatar #customavatar

Ideal Client Avatar for Life Coaches Tip 1: Get Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client

The first thing you need to realize, when creating an ideal client avatar for life coaches, is that you don’t want everyone to like you, and you certainly don’t want every person who needs your services to hire you. You just don’t.

By being a generalist and trying to cater to the needs and whims of every potential client who crosses your path, you’ll never become known as an expert who does that one thing really well for that specific clientele.

By generalizing and trying to be available to anyone who might hire you, you actually cheapen your brand. And no one feels passionately about those businesses.

While it might seem scary to specialize and niche down—because you have FOMO (or Fear Of Missing Out) for all of those other clients you could possibly book—niching down will actually create higher demand for you, your business, and your services.

The Power of Niching Down

Let’s say, for example, I’m looking for a weight loss coach—I probably have tens of thousands of options! But if I came across your website and you worked specifically with busy mom entrepreneurs who want to lose the last 10 lbs and finally keep it off… well I’d think, “Hey, that’s me! I need to work with this coach!”

Suddenly, because you promise to have the answer to my very specific problem, all other weight loss coaches pale in comparison. And that’s exactly what I’d do—I’d keep comparing every other option back to you—the ideal option.

So then for me, your ideal client, it suddenly doesn’t matter to me that you cost 3x as much as all those other weight loss coaches I’ve been researching—because you alone have the answer to my problem.

It’s a match made in heaven!

And that is exactly what you want your ideal client to think when they find you.

So how do you niche down and figure out who that ideal client is? I’ve got a free worksheet to help you do just that! 

Download your copy now to figure out your brand’s ideal client avatar (think of it as the character or personality that embodies your ideal client).

Tip 2: Create Your Visual Brand for Your Ideal Client (and Only Your Ideal Client)

In all my years of helping business women build luxury brands, I’ve found that there are really three types of entrepreneurs:

  1. Most entrepreneurs: They don’t  really understand branding, so they get a logo as an “afterthought.” They have a business so they know they need a “logo” but don’t really know why. It’s generic, it’s DIY, it’s cheap.
  2. More sophisticated entrepreneurs: They understand the importance of having a well designed brand, so  they hire someone to design a custom logo for their business. And honestly, that’s a great start—but it’s not enough.
  3. Select few truly savvy entrepreneurs: These entrepreneurs know that their branding isn’t actually for them. It’s for their ideal client.

You definitely want to be in the third group—so you need to understand that a brand is so much more than your logo.

The True Elements of Your Brand (It’s More Than A Logo)

Messaging: How you talk to your audience about what you do and why it matters.

Visuals: This includes your logo, but also includes all the other visual elements of your brand like fonts, colors, website, printed materials (business card, stationery,  etc.) photography, social media graphics, and more.

When you really know who your ideal client is, you know their style—and you can use that information to design a brand that “feels like them.”

My Branding Business Is Living Proof

I’ve done this in my own business by creating a brand specifically for my ideal client. So when they visit my website they reach out and say “I felt like you were speaking directly to me!”

And I laugh a little to myself, because they’re right, I was speaking directly to them. I know who my ideal client is, and that’s who I book over and over again.

From my logo, to the fonts, colors, photos, and wording on my website, everything was carefully selected to connect with that ideal client.

Ideal Client Avatar for Life Coaches Tip 3: Solve Your Ideal Client’s “Big” Problem

Remember my story at the beginning of this video—about the weight loss coach who knew exactly what I needed? They had the solution to my problem.

That’s what you need to do for your ideal client.

You need to figure out their big problem.

Because you might think that people pay for weight loss coaching, or life coaching, or interior design, or graphic design, or photography, or whatever it is you offer. But they actually don’t.

People pay money to solve their problems

I’m going to repeat this because it’s so important—and most entrepreneurs miss this very vital fact: people don’t pay for your services. They part with their hard earned money to solve their problems.

So figure out your ideal client’s “BIG” problem. And how you can help them solve it.

I know this one can be pretty tricky, so I’ve actually got a resource to help you: 

Client Breakthrough is my 50-page guide that will take you through the process of discovering your own unique ideal client AND using that information to start attracting those perfect clients for your business.

Client Breakthrough is a 50-page guide from Moriah Riona Branding, that will take you through the process of discovering your own unique ideal client and using that information to start attracting those perfect customers for your business. Get your copy now!

It has a whole section dedicated to helping you discover your ideal client’s biggest problems and deepest desires—so you can create solutions that they’ll pay for.

Tip 4: Hang Out Where Your Ideal Client Hangs Out

You’ve probably heard this before, but you want to build know, like, and trust with your audience and ideal clients.

One of the best ways to do this is to hang out where that ideal client is hanging out—and become an invaluable resource for them.

You can use your ideal client avatar to determine exactly where it is you should be hanging out to oh-so casually “bump” into them.

Where Your Ideal Client Avatar is Hanging Out 

For example, which social media platforms do they use and love?

That’s where you should be posting regular inspiring and helpful content.

Which networking events do they attend?

You should be in attendance too—or even better, you should be speaking or teaching a class there, focused on their “Big” problem.

Which publications, media, and podcasts do they read, watch, or listen to?

These are the places you should try to get interviews, or have paid advertising.

By knowing your ideal client you’re able to simplify and focus your marketing efforts to show up exactly where they are. This will save you a ton of time and money in the long run—and ensure that you are always connecting with the right people.

Ideal Client Avatar for Life Coaches Tip 5: Speak Directly to Your Ideal Client

This goes back to my first point of niching down and honing in on your ideal client. There is this concept in branding and marketing of “Attract and Repel.”

Basically, not only do you want to be attracting the right clients, you want to repel anyone who isn’t. Again, I know this can seem scary at first. Why would you want to repel someone who could potentially pay for your services?

But if a potential client isn’t a good fit, really they’ll only waste your valuable time trying to figure that out… unless you commit to “Attract and Repel.” 

The True Benefit of Attract & Repel

By using this concept you’ll be attracting the perfect clients for your business, but you won’t be answering emails and inquires from those who aren’t a good fit. Which means you’ll be saving time for your ideal clients. 

Worse than spending countless hours in your inbox, without using the “Attract and Repel” method you might end up actually booking non-ideal clients—which could lead to difficult situations or unhappy clients. This is not only frustrating to deal with, but can also seriously damage your reputation.

So make a commitment to always speak directly to your ideal client (and no one else). When you do this, you connect deeply with the right people for your brand. And those who aren’t a good fit won’t stick around long.

Now you know what it takes to start attracting your dream clients, but if you’re still wondering how to narrow down and articulately define that ideal client, then I’ve got you covered! Grab my Ideal Client Avatar worksheet—it’s totally free!

And when you’re ready to dive deeper I hope you’ll check out my 50-page guide: Client Breakthrough—The Ultimate Guide to Defining, Attracting, and Booking Your Ideal Clients, on Repeat!

Wanna know more about getting booked-out with dream clients? Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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