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Instagram for Brands: How Ashlee Kay Photography Uses Instagram To Get New Clients

Instagram for Brands: How Ashlee Kay Photography Uses Instagram To Get New Clients | Wondering how you can grow your following and get more customers from Instagram? Well this video is for you, friend! Click through to learn how one photographer's top tips on the feed, posts, aesthetic, and hacks for growth on the social media platform! #instagram #social #marketing #photography

Instagram is such a great platform for growing your brand’s presence and connecting with new clients—especially for creative entrepreneurs!

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Ashlee of Ashlee Kay Photography—so she can share her secrets to growing a large and loyal following on Instagram!

Ashlee has been a family and wedding photographer for over ten years. She has 150 weddings and countless family sessions under her belt from her time as a photographer.

She balances running her business alongside her freelance videographer husband and her three young kids. 

With 20K followers across her social media platforms, Ashlee has learned how to use social media to grow her business and gain clientele.

So without further ado—here’s my interview with Ashlee!

Instagram Tips: How Ashlee Kay Photography Uses Instagram To Get New Clients

Instagram for Brands: Ashlee’s Tips

Watch the video to see Ashlee’s tips for growing your social presence, building your brand on Instagram, and booking more clients. Topics include:

  • How to use Instagram for your business
  • How using Instagram has changed her business
  • How Ashlee used Instagram to gain new clients after a move to another state
  • Tips for growing a loyal following on Instagram
  • Ashlee’s posting schedule
  • Ashlee’s thoughts on “highly curated” feeds
  • Other ways that Ashlee uses Instagram (Instagram Stories, etc.)
  • Ashlee’s best advice for someone looking to grow their brand with Instagram
  • Ashlee’s favorite Instagram hack
  • Ashlee’s biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs
Quote from Ashlee Kay Photography about Instagram strategy

Connect With Ashlee Kay Photography!

Website | Blog | Facebook | Instagram

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video—and that Ashlee’s story and fantastic tips have inspired you to take a closer look at your Instagram strategy.

Speaking of your social media strategy, be sure to grab Your Social Brand Guidebook—my new FREE workbook to help you build a rock solid strategy not just for Instagram, but for your entire social media presence.

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Instagram For Brands: Your Turn!

Okay, it’s your turn, friend! I wanna know: Do you use Instagram for your business?

If so—have you ever got new clients from Instagram? If not, are you gonna use Ashlee’s tips to start?

Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    That was really interesting! I’m just starting out with Instagram and love hearing new things to keep in mind when coming up with short term and long term strategies for use and engagement. Thanks for sharing that!

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