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Marketing Ideas: How to Book Your Ideal Client Over and Over Again

Marketing Ideas: How to Book Your Ideal Client Over and Over Again | Ready to start booking those dream clients? Click through to discover where the perfect customers are hiding and how to effectively attract clients — so you can book those ideal clients over and over again! #marketing #entrepreneur #photographybiz #smallbusiness

Today, I’m concluding my 4-part series on how to define and market to your ideal client, with a video all about marketing ideas! I’m sharing my favorite secrets (and they’re so simple!) for where to find your ideal client in real life and effectively market to them!

Before we go any further, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re all caught up! Check out the first 3 videos in this series:

And don’t forget to grab your FREE Ideal Client Avatar worksheet — which we use throughout this series!

Marketing Ideas for Booking Your Ideal Client

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Marketing Idea #1: Hang Out Where They Are!

We’ve spent the last month together, figuring out WHO your ideal client is — so now it’s time to figure out the WHERE!

This is where that pretty fabulous (FREE) worksheet comes in handy!

Part 1: Physical Locations

By filling out the worksheet, you now know A LOT about your ideal client. For example, you know which brands they value, what they do for fun, and what type of food and drink they enjoy (and a lot more!) — which translates perfectly into locations!

Ask yourself:

  • Where are these other brands they love?
  • Where do these activities/events they do for fun take place?
  • Where is this food and drink they love?

Guess what — this is where you should be hanging out too! And the good news is that (as I mentioned in previous videos) since your ideal client is probably a reflection of YOU, these are places you probably frequent already!

Now it’s time to make a connection! Whether your ideal client is spending her Saturday at the local farmer’s market or at the spa — make sure you’re there too. And take it one step further — think of ways you can build a relationship with these places or events. [Watch the video for some ideas!].

Action Step: Make a list of Places

There are a lot more locations you can glean from your worksheet! Make a list of all the places you imagine your ideal client hangs out.

Part 2: Online Locations — a.k.a. Social Media Marketing

You also want to be hanging out where you ideal client hangs out — online! And by this, I mean social media.

There are a ton of different social media platforms out there — that all cater to a slightly different audience (consider the difference between SnapChat and LinkedIn). You need to find the platform your ideal client is on!

Less is more here. As a solopreneur, you just don’t have the time to dedicate to ALL those different platforms. That’s why I recommend picking one or two platforms at most.

Quality over quantity, friend!

By focusing on just one (or two) you can build a stronger presence and more engaged audience. Just make sure it’s the platform your ideal client is on!

Marketing Idea #2: Paid Advertising

Speaking of social media, this is a great place to incorporate paid advertising!

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to create hyper-specific audiences for your ads. You can include details like brands they love, interests, and activities.

Does that sound familiar?

Well it should! I asked you to describe all of those details in your Ideal Client Avatar worksheet — so now you can just plug that information into your ads manager to connect with the right audience!

The Next Step In Your Marketing Strategy

Can you see now, why it’s so important to know who your ideal client is? When you know the who, then you can figure out the where and the how of your marketing plan — like these marketing ideas specifically for your ideal client!

I hope this 4 part series was super helpful for you! We’ve really just scratched the surface of figuring out and marketing to your ideal client (crazy right?!).

For those of you who want to dive deeper, and learn how to get booked with the perfect clients (who pay what you’re worth), book a Brand Intensive with me!

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