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Small Business Marketing Ideas: Why You Need To Figure Out Your Ideal Client

Small Business Marketing Ideas: Why You Need To Know Your Ideal Client | Looking for marketing ideas for your photography business? Click through to how to find your ideal client, how to get your ideal customer, and grab your free Ideal Client Avatar worksheet! #marketing #smallbusiness #profile #moodboard

Apr 4

Small Business Marketing Ideas: Why You Need To Know Your Ideal Client | Looking for marketing ideas for your photography business? Click through to how to find your ideal client, how to get your ideal customer, and grab your free Ideal Client Avatar worksheet! #marketing #smallbusiness #profile #moodboard

When I first started my small business I struggled (really struggled!) to get any clients at all. Then the clients that I did get were less than ideal (read: price-shopping-discount-seeking-clients). It got old fast, friend! I know, first hand how discouraging it can be — which is why I’m so excited to share these small business marketing ideas with you! Specifically, figuring out, finding, and marketing to your ideal client! Okay, just picture it:

Your inbox, overflowing with inquires from dream clients!

You know, the kind that LOVE you, have to work with you, and are willing to pay what you’re worth.

If you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true — you’re wrong, friend!

BUT, (and this is a big “but”), it does take considerable time and effort on your part.

Don’t worry, though — I’m here to help, with today’s video that’ll walk you through:

Small Business Marketing Ideas: Why You Need To Figure Out Your Ideal Client

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Ideal Client: What Is That?

If you’ve been in business for anytime at all, I’m gonna guess you’ve heard the term “Ideal Client.”

Knowing your Ideal Client is a really important part of building a successful brand — so important that I work with clients one-on-one to help them better identify and market to their ideal clients.

I’ve also written numerous blog posts to help you — including The Essential Guide To Finding Your Ideal Client.

But just in case you’re still wondering, let me clarify:

An Ideal Client is your brand’s “dream client.”

It describes the best audience for your brand. It’s not necessarily an actual client that you will encounter. Instead it is a list of the characteristics of your brand’s audience — and the more specific you can be, the better!

In my experience, small business owners know of the concept of an Ideal Client… and many of them even think they know their Ideal Client — but when pushed for details, they aren’t actually able to articulate who their Ideal Client is.

Or, if they do, it’s way too generic.

To be effective, your Ideal Client needs to be super specific. In next week’s post I’m going to share how to better develop your own Ideal Client.

Small Business Marketing

So, why does it matter whether or not you figure out your Ideal Client?

In my opinion, it’s one of the best small business marketing ideas you can use as a creative entrepreneur! When you know who your Ideal Client is, then you know where to market to them. [For more information, check out: How To Book Clients You Love — That Love You Back].

More than that, by communicating with your Ideal Client, you start to attract similarly minded people — people who share your Ideal Client’s demographics, psychographics, beliefs, and values.

This means you connect with your audience on a much deeper level — and that’s a powerful thing.

You start to build your tribe.

People who connect with you for something deeper that the services you provide (i.e. your shared values) are willing to spend more money for those services… simply because it’s YOU!

Pretty awesome, right??

So, if finding your ideal client is so great, why don’t more people do it?

I’ve found two main reasons why people are hesitant to work on their Ideal Client:

Ideal Client: It Takes Work!

Like I mentioned above, it takes time and work to figure out your ideal client. And I’ve noticed that some people are just unwilling to put in that work.

Which is a bummer for them.

But it’s great news, for you, friend!

I’m guessing you’re here, reading about marketing ideas for your small biz, because you CARE. You want to succeed. And you’re not afraid to roll your sleeves up and do the hard work — so that you’ll be successful.

I am so glad that you are here — I’m cheering you on!

In fact, I offer a ton of free resources on this blog — and even more to my Brand Insiders — to help up level your business and your brand.

And if you’re tired of the DIY approach, you can work with me one-on-one to build your dream brand. Get in touch — I’d love to help you succeed!

Small Business Marketing and F.O.M.O.

The second reason creative entrepreneurs don’t figure out and market to their Ideal Client is something called “F.O.M.O.” — Fear of Missing Out.

As small business owners, we’re terrified of missing out… on a new customer or a sale.

Because of this we mistakenly think we need to be “everything to everyone.”

Take a photographer, for example, who instead of offering a specific service to a specific audience (let’s say “mountain elopements” for “adventurous couples”) — they offer elopement, wedding, family, family reunion, birth, newborn, senior portrait, and more to anyone who asks.

They might think they’ll get more business this way… but in the end, by not committing to their Ideal Client, and working for everyone, they become “just another photographer.”

No one feels passionately about this photographer or their brand. No one says “She’s the one! That’s MY photographer!

Instead, the best this photographer can hope for is, “She’ll do.”

Marketing To Your Ideal Client: Attract vs. Repel

In marketing and branding there’s this concept of Attract and Repel — where ideally you’ll have branded yourself to attract only your ideal client, and repel everyone else.

Did the phrase “repel everyone else” send a chill up your spine? Well then, you’re definitely dealing with a case of F.O.M.O., friend!

Remember that by attracting your ideal client, you’ll be working smarter, not harder. You should be able to take on less clients, while charging more. And all those people you’re repelling? They weren’t a good fit anyway!

By repelling them (through your perfectly executed branding) you won’t be spending time replying to less-than-ideal leads… or even worse, taking on clients or projects that aren’t a good fit for your brand!
Can you see how F.O.M.O. in your own business might be holding you back? If so, let me know in a comment below!

This video was the first in a 4-part series all about figuring out and effectively marketing to your ideal client. Check out part 2: Small Business Marketing Strategy: 4 Tips For Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar.

More small business marketing ideas: How To Strategically Market To Your Ideal Client: The Secret To Consistently Booking Clients You Love

p.s. Don’t forget to grab my free workbook, The Brand Blueprint — 20 pages to help you take your brand next level!

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