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Start Your Coaching Business BEFORE You’re Ready—7 Tips to Get Started

Wish you could start your coaching business, but don’t feel “ready”? This blog post is for you! I’m sharing my mindset tip stash—so you can ditch your fears, become a life coach, and build the online coaching business of your dreams! #luxurybrand #lifecoach #lifecoaching #entrepreneurtips

Mar 12

Ever caught yourself wishing you could start your coaching business, only to be held back by that nagging feeling that you’re not quite ready? 

If you’ve been stuck in the waiting game, searching for that elusive “perfect moment” to…

  • Turn your dreams into your daily reality…
  • Combine your passion with your paycheck…
  • Skyrocket your income while doing what you adore…
  • Become a life coach and make a genuine impact on the world…

Then you’ve landed in the exact spot you need to be! And I hate to burst your bubble, but that “perfect moment” you’re chasing? It doesn’t exist.

So, stay right where you are, because I’m here to guide you in building your coaching empire, right here and right now. Even if that sneaky inner voice insists you’re not “ready.” 

Spoiler alert: You absolutely are!

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In this blog post, I’m sharing 7 mindset tips to help you start an online coaching business—so you can turn your dreams into a lucrative reality.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Start Your Coaching Business Mindset Tip #1: Understand that you’ll NEVER actually feel ready.

I recently had a conversation with a client who was convinced she needed to wait four months to launch her services. She was so certain of her decision, and I found it fascinating. 

I asked her why she wanted to wait. She said she needed to build her community before selling—which sounds really nice, right? But I wasn’t buying it… I knew there was something deeper. 

After some digging, my client finally revealed the REAL reason she was waiting. She was afraid she’d fail and be disappointed if she started today. But for some reason, she was convinced things would change in four months. 

I reminded her that she could feel disappointment today, but she could also feel disappointment in four months. There’s nothing magical about waiting—except that she would be delaying a feeling she didn’t want to feel.

Can you relate to my client? If so, it’s time to question the stories you tell yourself about waiting. Then, get to work on shifting that mindset. The success of your business quite literally depends on it. You can CHOOSE to feel ready right nowand trust me, that’s super empowering!

Online Coaching Business Mindset Tip #2: Start now—before you think you’re ready.

Perfectionism is just another fancy word for delay. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to become a life coach, you’ll never experience the thrill of getting started. Plus, you’ll lose out on valuable opportunities to learn something. Life is about learning as you go, experimenting, and evolving. Embrace the messy journey!

Start Your Coaching Business Mindset Tip #3: Reframe failure as a learning opportunity.

Don’t let the fear of face-planting keep you glued to your comfort zone. Failure isn’t a full stop—it’s only a detour!

Plus, only YOU get to decide if it’s a failure or not. It’s only a failure if you give up. Instead, learn from each experience and get better and better. Embrace those “failures” like badges of honor. They’re your golden tickets to growth and success.

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Online Coaching Business Mindset Tip #4: Don’t try to do it alone.

If you’re hustling like a one-woman show, trying to do it all—I want you to stop right there. Trust me, I’ve been down that path. 

When I started my business, I tried to save money by DIYing every single thing. And yes, I might have saved some money, but I wasted a ton of time…

It took me over a decade to hit the 6-figure mark in my business. Instead of struggling to do it all on my own, imagine if I had invested in myself and my business. If I had let experts, tools, and systems multiply my efforts early on?

I’ll tell you what would NOT have happened…

I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and energy, for starters.

But also, I wouldn’t have lost 10 years of potential 6-figure revenue. That’s $1M in case you’re wondering…


DIY might *seem* like it makes sense. But in reality, it’s a black hole of wasted energy and money. 

If you’d rather not throw potential revenue down the drain like I did, comment “No more DIY!” down below!

The lesson here? Invest in experts who’ve walked the path you’re on. An easy way to do this is to let my team transform your online coaching business into a luxury brand—through my signature program, Luxury Brand Leader.

This comprehensive, 360° luxury transformation is designed to elevate your brand and business in just 90 days. It’s a shortcut to your goals, and you deserve the fast lane!

Start Your Coaching Business Mindset Tip #5: Don’t wait until you have the money either.

Here’s something else I hear all too often—coaches putting their luxury brand on hold until they “make the money first.” Isn’t that a funny thought? It just doesn’t make sense.

Think about it…

Luxury branding isn’t just a logo—it’s a VIP invitation for top-notch, high-paying clients. If a luxe brand helps you reel in dream clients and generate the revenue of your dreams—why are you waiting?

Investing in luxury branding should be at the TOP of your to-do list. If not, you’ll be forever tapping your foot, waiting for your ship to come in…

Online Coaching Business Mindset Tip #6: Make a decision and then have your own back.

Maybe the reason you haven’t started your business yet is because you’re afraid to make the decision. Spinning in uncertainty is much easier. You can’t get hurt there, right?

But all you have to do is decide. No more spinning your wheels. No more hesitation. 

When you break it down, it actually becomes pretty simple…

  • Decide to start your business
  • Decide on your niche
  • Decide on your offer
  • Decide to go all in on YOU

And don’t skip that last step! Once you’ve made your decision, stand by it. Give yourself the support you need to move forward. Commit to showing up as your authentic self, and have your own back every step of the way.

Start Your Coaching Business Mindset Tip #7: Let the world know you’re open for business.

You’ve decided to become a life coach—so, what’s next? It’s time to step into the spotlight and shout it from the rooftops. You’re a life coach! Embrace it, embody it, and make it your identity. 

Wherever you are, show up as that life coach extraordinaire. Online, offline—it doesn’t matter. You’re open for business, and the world is ready for your magic!

Well, there you go! Now you know how to conquer your fears and turn your passion into profit. Forget what your brain is telling you. You are more than ready to start your coaching business right now!

And I’m here to guide you every step of the way—starting with this completely FREE resource.  Enroll in my course, 5-Figure Clients, where you’ll learn how to attract high-paying clients like a magnet.

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