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Coaching Website Design: 5 Pages You NEED To Book High Ticket Clients

Want to know the 5 most crucial pages to include in your coaching website design? This blog post is for you! I’m sharing what goes into a spectacular life coach website—including my best tips for attracting more dream clients for your coaching business. #webdesign #luxurybranding #lifecoach #consulting

Jul 24

If you’re making a living as a coach, chances are, you’re pretty clear on your life’s mission.

You’re probably not second-guessing your purpose as much as entrepreneurs in other fields are… You know what you’re here to do!

Coaches like you are some of the most heartfelt people on the planet. And it can be hard to capture your genuine spirit on a website geared toward sales, right?

Which can make marketing your business feel—well, sort of cringey.

But trust me on this…

When you include the right elements on your website, your mission, heart, and expertise are sure to come across in a genuine way. And you’ll start attracting ideal clients in no time.

You know, the kind that are willing to pay premium pricing for YOUR expert services. Because you truly deserve it!

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In this video, I’m teaching you the 5 most crucial pages to include on your website—so you can establish your authority, build trust, and appeal directly to your dream clients.

Let’s dive in!

Life Coach Website Essentials #1: Home Page

Your Home page has a super important purpose… its job is to immediately ATTRACT your ideal client while actively REPELLING everyone else.

Sounds kinda harsh, doesn’t it?

But if you think about it, this weeds out the people who won’t benefit from your services—and speaks directly to the people looking for YOUR specific solution. 

And that’s actually pretty refreshing, don’t you think? Click the ‘Like’ button below if you agree!

Your Home page achieves this by instantly communicating who you are, what you do, and why your ideal client needs you.

I’m always so shocked by the number of websites I visit where I can’t tell what the entrepreneur does! Don’t be that website. Be clear right away!

To see this in action, take a look at the Home page for Nichole McHugh, one of our clients. See how everything on her page speaks to a particular person looking for a very specific solution? 

As part of her luxury branding experience, we helped Nichole define her ideal client: millennials who want to build passive income through luxury property rentals. And we built her branding and her website to attract exactly that person

From the logo to the words on the webpage, the right person is constantly reaffirmed that they’re in the right place.

Coaching Website Design Essentials #2: About Page

Think of your About page as a sidekick to your Home page. Where the Home page reaffirms to the visitor that they are indeed in the right place, the About page should be used to build an even deeper connection with them.

This means your messaging and mission should resonate with their values and needs. So it really pays off to research and learn as much as possible about your ideal client. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out my video, Ideal Client Avatar For Life Coaches: 5 Steps To Getting Booked Out.

To see this approach in real life, let’s look at the About page for Illumine Coaching. This is another one of our incredible clients, and I want you to notice what we did on her About pag. It’s very much geared toward the audience, not the coach. 

The design and copy on Michelle’s page keep the audience engaged all the way to the bottom. That’s because the reader feels very seen and understood throughout the page. You might have thought your About page was supposed to be about YOU—but in reality, a great About page is about the ideal client and how you connect with them.

If you could use some expert guidance on defining, attracting, and booking YOUR ideal clients, be sure to check out my guide, Client Breakthrough. Grab your copy with the link below!

Life Coach Website Essentials #3: Signature Program Sales Page

As you build out your signature program or service, a powerful sales page is absolutely CRUCIAL. This page is where you pitch your offer—and that offer needs to be designed to be irresistible to your ideal client.

From the perspective of genuinely wanting to meet your ideal client’s needs, your sales page immediately becomes a more authentic reflection of your heart and your mission. This sort of empathy just zaps the cringe factor away! 

A great sales page combines thoughtful design, stunning imagery, and captivating copy. And these three elements should work together to create a page that’s not only informative, but extremely compelling.

You’re going to want to take the time to ensure every one of those three elements is super high-quality because your sales page is where your audience will ultimately “land” after traveling through your funnel. 

Simply put, the sales page is what closes the deal. And if you’d like to see more sales from your website, type “Close the deal!” in the comments down below!

Coaching Website Design Essentials #4: Contact Page or Program Application Page

If your website is doing its job, you’ll have ideal clients looking for a way to get in touch with or work with you. And it’s your job to make their next step extremely easy! 

Make sure to include an easily-accessible Contact page so you can capture every single one of those interested leads. And your Contact page doesn’t need to be boring… In fact, it should have the exact same energy, messaging, and branding as the rest of your website!

To see what I mean, check out the Contact page for another one of our clients, Mandy Straight. Notice how even the contact page is geared toward solving the audience’s problem? And it’s done with Mandy’s signature colorful, fun, and empowering style—from the imagery down to the copy. 

THAT’S how you do a contact page!

But there’s an alternative I’d like to mention, too—and you may want to apply this to your coaching business.

I decided NOT to have a Contact page when I rebranded and launched my website earlier this year, which was admittedly a bold choice. I made this decision because I realized that my Contact page resulted in wayyyy too many unqualified leads, spam, and “collab opportunities” that I just wasn’t interested in. 

All of this was cluttering my inbox and wasting my time! So I decided to lead my visitors to a detailed application form for my signature program instead, right at the bottom of my program page.

Depending on your niche and offerings, this might be a better route for you, too.

Life Coach Website Essentials #5: Blog

Okay, so this technically isn’t a “page,” but I think it’s so incredibly important for coaches, service providers, and entrepreneurs who are trying to become niche leaders. Blogging is a great tool for regularly connecting with your ideal clients. And it’s really effective at establishing authority in your industry. 

That’s why we include high-end blog designs on all of our clients’ websites. And it’s why our own marketing strategy revolves around our blog!

But if you’re still not convinced that you really need to be blogging, I want you to check out my video, My Blogging Advice for Small Business Owners. It might change your mind!

Now you’re in on the top 5 things to include in a website for life coaches—so you can build a website of your own that genuinely attracts your dreamiest clients—and keeps them around!

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