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Find Your Niche as a Life Coach

Wondering how to find your niche as a life coach? Then this blog post is for you! I’m sharing why niching down is so important, my best niche finding tips, and life coach niche examples—so you can cross “picking a niche” off your to-do list! #luxurybrand #lifecoach #lifecoaching #marketingtips

Aug 2

Are you anxious about picking your niche?

Everyone is telling you that you NEED to find your niche, but you’re worried about turning away potential business.

It’s an understandable fear! But I’m here to tell you that picking a niche will bring wayyyy more clients to your door—more high-end clients—than being a “generalist” ever will.

Stick around, and I’ll tell you why—AND how—to do it!

I’m Moriah—the founder and creative director of Moriah Riona Branding, where my mission is to empower female coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs with luxury branding. On this channel, I teach you how to build your brand, your online authority, and your audience—so you have the confidence to charge your worth and cultivate a thriving business and life.

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In this video, I’m sharing why it’s so important to find your niche and the process for choosing one—so you can become the expert in your industry that everyone wants to work with.

Let’s get started!

Find Your Niche: WHY do you need to niche?

Have you ever heard anyone say you need to niche down to blow up? Well, it’s not just a saying. It’s TRUE.

That’s because niching down helps you stand out and become known for what you do. It empowers you to become THE person who solves a very specific problem—and that means people will pay top dollar to work with you.

One of my favorite books touches on this. In Key Person of Influence, authors Kevin Harrington and Daniel Priestly explain how niching down makes your client feel special—and more apt to purchase your offering. I love how they put it: “Rather than buying things that everyone has, you can have unique things that were made for people just like you.”

What do you think? Don’t you love when something feels custom-made for YOU?

Picking a Niche: WHAT results have you achieved?

When you’re choosing your niche, I want you to think about the things you’ve accomplished in your own life or business. Now think about the steps you took to get there. THOSE are the steps you can share with others to help them achieve the same thing you did.

Because your ideal client should only be a few steps behind you. They’re looking to you because you’ve already figured out the problem they need to solve. So you can turn those results into your intellectual property—or IP—and sell it.

And when you do sell it, focus on articulating the transformation you’re able to help your potential clients achieve. Here are some examples:

  • A weight loss coach can help you lose 100 pounds
  • A business coach can help you build a multi-million-dollar hair salon
  • A dating coach can help you finally find your soulmate after years of searching

Here’s a great example from one of our past clients, Nicole Lacroix:

Nicole is an Austin-area aesthetician, and before partnering with us on her branding and web design, she was competing against every other skin care specialist in her area. Through our signature program, Luxury Brand Leader, we helped her define her niche.

The whole reason Nicole got into skincare was that she struggled with persistent acne for years, and she was finally able to cure it herself. But this inspiring story was nowhere to be found in her old branding.

To set her brand apart, we intentionally showcased her story. We rebranded her as the “acne expert”—the one you go to when you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked. 

Want to know the results from our niching down strategy? A WAITLIST full of new clients—and she booked her first celebrity client, too. Pretty impressive, right? Type “dreamy waitlist” in the comments if you want the same for your business!

Find Your Niche: WHO do you love working with?

It’s not feasible—or effective—to work with everyone. So you’ll need to pinpoint the type of client that feels the most aligned with you.

Need help figuring this out? Check out my video, 4 Tips For Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar, or 

grab a copy of Client Breakthrough, my ultimate guide to defining, attracting, and booking your ideal clients—on repeat.

If you’re wondering what MY ideal client is—personally, I love working with other female entrepreneurs. Especially coaches and consultants—who make it their mission to help other people succeed. I’m passionate about helping these women grow their impact, income, and influence.

Want some life coach niche examples to help you brainstorm? Let’s expand on the original examples from earlier in the video. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

  • Weight loss coach who likes working with moms
  • Business coach who likes working with salon owners
  • Dating coach who likes working with older singles

When it comes to picking a niche, the sky’s the limit—and the more specific, the better!

Now you’re ready to define your niche.

In the book I mentioned earlier—Key Person of Influence—the authors discuss not only the concept of niching down, but also creating your own “micro-niche.” A micro-niche is a niche that previously didn’t exist.

Why is this so powerful? When you create your own unique niche, you are the automatic LEADER in that space. Let’s walk through an example for a weight loss coach:

  • “Weight loss coach for moms” isn’t a specific enough niche for you to stand out.
  • “Weight loss coach for busy working moms who just want to lose the last 10 lbs” is a good niche, but let’s take it one step further.
  • “Weight loss coach for Silicon Valley moms who are just returning to work after maternity leave—and need to lose the baby weight.” BINGO—there’s your micro niche!

And there you have it! Now you know exactly what to consider when you’re picking a niche—so you can solidify your standing as a high-end industry leader.

After you choose your niche, it’s time to start attracting the high-ticket clients you’ve been dreaming of. And I’ve just launched a FREE course designed to help coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs like you magnetize the kinds of clients who will gladly pay a premium to work with you. If you’re wondering how to keep the bargain hunters away, then click here to enroll now!

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