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How to Break Up with Bad Clients (& Get Booked With Dream Clients)

How to Break Up with Bad Clients | Ready to get booked with your ideal customers? Click through to learn marketing tips and branding advice to get you booked with the right clients! #branding #marketing #smallbusiness

Sep 3

What to do when you’re not attracting your dream clients (and how to get booked with dream clients!)

How to Break Up with Bad Clients | Ready to get booked with your ideal customers? Click through to learn marketing tips and branding advice to get you booked with the right clients! #branding #marketing #smallbusiness

It’s not you, it’s them.

They’re outside of your niche. Not within your area of interest. Their budget is too small … and their ego is too big. They forget their bills (but have a photographic memory for every contract clause they can use to their advantage) and believe boundaries are for chumps.

And no matter how hard you try to force yourself into feeling more for them, you can’t. Because the truth is that you want somebody else. Okay, the whole truth is that you want somebodies. Plural. Lots of ‘em. Enough to keep your fridge full and your holiday savings account bursting.

Sound familiar?

Ah, the pain of a business owner stuck in a bad romance with less-than-ideal clients. So … how does one politely extricate themselves from the bad and become a magnet for all that is good?

Easy: Follow my three-step strategy.

Step one: Stop accepting crappy jobs.

If it …

  • Doesn’t pay you what you deserve
  • Makes you cringe
  • Isn’t something you love doing
  • Isn’t with somebody you would classify as your target market or dream customer

… then don’t accept it.

I know, I know. You’ve gotta take what you can, right? Within reason, yes. But you also need space in your calendar to build up a portfolio of work that reflects what you DO want to do and who you DO want to do it with. Which means not filling up your calendar with crappy jobs!

“But, Moriah, how can I get booked with dream projects?!”

Great question.

And that’s our next step.

Step two: Know what you want.

Now that you’ve been blessed with the gift of experience and know what you DON’T want, take some time to consider what you DO want.

Which means … figuring out who your target market is!

Not sure where to start? Hop on over here and read my essential guide to finding your ideal client.

Your mission is to understand your target market and ideal client (which is a representation of the kind of person you want to attract, not a definite set-in-stone real-life person) so well that you could write an autobiography for them.

This isn’t for fun (but hey, if you find it fun, go for it). This is so you are properly armed with a thorough knowledge of what your target market wants and needs from you.

Which brings us to …

Step three: Become irresistible to your target market.

Now that you know exactly what your target market is craving (from their deepest desires through to where they like to interact with brands and how they’d like to be interacted with), it’s your job to serve up the whole kit and caboodle.

If you can, build your business around your dream customers.

Be the one brand or business that they can rely on for an incredible experience and a fulfilling journey. Be their BCE (brand crush every day) and #goals all in one. And make it your number one priority to make them happy.

Because when you shift the focus from you to them, great things happen.

Need help becoming your dream customer’s brand crush?

Girl, you’re SO ready for my Brand Intensive. A one-on-one brand strategy mentorship designed to help you get booked with your ideal client, this baby offers you a structured curriculum to safely explore your business and brand foundation.

In short: It’s the secret sauce recipe for figuring out how to become irresistible to your target market.

Get all of the insider deets over here.

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