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Ideal Client: The Essential Guide To Finding Yours

Ideal Client: The Essential Guide To Finding Yours | Ready to start booking your dream clients? This post is for you! Click through to learn about ideal client avatars, profiles, and a FREE worksheet! #marketing #branding #tips #smallbusiness

Jan 27

Ideal Client: The Essential Guide To Finding Yours | Ready to start booking your dream clients? This post is for you! Click through to learn about ideal client avatars, profiles, and a FREE worksheet! #marketing #branding #tips #smallbusiness

What is an Ideal Client?

Ideal Client seems to be a pretty popular buzzword for entrepreneurs these days but you might still be wondering what it means and why it’s important. An “Ideal Client” describes the best audience for your brand. It’s not necessarily an actual client that you will encounter. Instead it is a list of the characteristics of your brand’s audience — and the more specific you can be, the better.

Why is this important? Truth be told, you can’t market to everyone who needs your services, nor should you. By determining an Ideal Client you will find an audience (or your “tribe”) who not only needs your services but also connects with your brand on a deeper level. They align with your Why and Brand Values.

By getting specific and really focusing on your Ideal Client, you will know how they are making purchasing decisions. You will know what interests and drives them. And in turn you will know where to find them and how to market to them. Sounds a lot better than haphazardly boosting a facebook post and hoping someone clicks on your link, doesn’t it?

Demographics + Psychographics

When you first start thinking about your Ideal Client, you’ll want to consider the Demographics and Psychographics of your audience. These are two terms are commonly used in marketing to describe characteristics of a group of consumers.


Demographics are objective characteristics . They are factual, usually represented by numbers and easily quantifiable. Examples include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • Household Income
  • Education


Psychographics are harder to quantify. I like to think of them as CHOICES made by your Ideal Client, such as lifestyle, behavior, beliefs, etc. Examples include:

  • Where they shop
  • Where they vacation
  • Brands they value
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Values

Ideal Client Avatar

Studying Demographics and Psychographics is a great way to get to know your audience but to dig deeper and really start “speaking” to your tribe you should craft a finely honed avatar.

This practice goes one step further by creating a fictional person who personifies your dream client. Instead of describing an age range or broad list of hobbies and interests for an audience — you list the specific characteristics and qualities of this avatar.

It may seem a little strange to get this specific (you will even give your avatar a name!) but by figuring out all of the little details of this “person” you can start to envision how this avatar would act and think.

This will help you speak more directly to your audience and ideal clients — and make them feel like you really “get them.”

One of the best compliments I receive is when new clients fill out my contact form and say “I love your website—I felt like you were talking to ME!” This means I’m making deep connections with new clients before we’ve ever met or spoken to each other—powerful stuff!

Creating your own ideal client avatar

To help get you started, I’ve created this worksheet to make your own avatar! Download below:

CLICK HERE to download your free worksheet -- figure out your Ideal Client Avatar once and for all! Branding and business tips for creative female entrepreneurs, wedding and portrait photographers, women in business. #branding #biztips #business #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #idealclient #marketing

Remember you want to get super specific when filling out the worksheet (and thinking about your avatar)!

UPDATE: Further Study + Resources

Figuring out your own “perfect” client and avatar is a big deal. I’ve personally seen what a difference the process and practice has made in my own business—I’m now booked solid with clients I absolutely love who pay me what I’m worth!

So, since this this post was originally published a few years ago, I’ve written a ton of additional posts, guest posts, created a whole video series, and done speaking engagements specifically on finding and marketing to your Ideal Client:

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