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Wedding Photography Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Business

Wedding Photography Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Business | Looking for wedding photography tips for beginners? This post is for you! Click through for marketing tips, branding, cheat sheets, camera settings, and more! #weddingphotography #marketing #poses #lighting

In 2009, with my shiny new Nikon D80 in hand (my very first DSLR!) I launched my wedding photography business. I had a camera and a dream.

And that was it.

I was seriously lacking on anything else… funding, experience (in photography or in business), and clients.

I see you rolling your eyes… and girl, I’m right there with ya. That was NOT the way to launch a biz. But I hustled (and stumbled) my way through, eventually turning my dream into a viable wedding photography business — one that I was incredibly proud of!

Last month, after nearly a decade in business, I made the announcement that I was retiring from wedding photography — so I could focus entirely on my true passion: Empowering other female entrepreneurs with visual branding that gives them the confidence to succeed. Because I believe that confident and successful women will change the world.

Heck yes! Right?

Well, this has left me wondering… what do you do with 9 years of experience in a fairly niche field?

I decided to embrace my new mission: empowering other creative female entrepreneurs — I’m going to SHARE it with you!

That’s right — I’m spilling all of my secrets and sharing my best wedding photography tips with you!

Over this next month I’ll be sharing one new blog post everyday to help you take your Wedding Photography biz to the next level.

Not a wedding photographer? Not to worry, girl!

If you’re a smart cookie — which I have a pretty strong hunch that you are — you’ll be able to read between the lines to see that these biz and branding tips can help you elevate YOUR biz too. Whether you’re a newborn photographer, wedding planner, lifestyle coach, or fashion stylist… whatever your passion is, this series is gonna help you share it with more confidence and success.

Wedding Photography Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Business

  1. A Basic Guide To Equipment For Wedding Photographers
  2. How To Photograph Your First Wedding (Tips for Second Shooting)
  3. How To Book Clients You Love — That Love You Back! (Finding Your Ideal Client)
  4. How To Build A Portfolio That Will Get You Booked
  5. 3 Steps To Turn Website Visitors Into Clients
  6. How To Elevate Your Brand With Styled Shoots
  7. 19 Ways To Get More Wedding Photography Clients
  8. What Every Photographer Needs To Know About Marketing
  9. The Simple Guide To Pricing For Your Wedding Photography Business
  10. How To Rock Your Client Consultations
  11. How To Protect Your Business | The Legal Side Of Photography
  12. How To Stay Inspired As A Creative Entrepreneur
  13. How To Create An Epic Brand Experience
  14. Tips For The Perfect Client Welcome Kit
  15. 5 Things To Do After You Book A New Client
  16. Why You Need To Be Blogging For Your Photography Biz
  17. How To Use Your Blog To Grow Your Photography Business
  18. 39 Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Photographers
  19. What To Do When You’re Not Booking Clients
  20. 3 Tips For Shooting Engagement Photos Your Clients Love
  21. Creating The Perfect Wedding Timeline | Pt.1 First Look
  22. Creating The Perfect Wedding Timeline | Pt. 2 Without First Look
  23. How To Create A Website That Makes Brides Fall In Love | Pt. 1 The Homepage
  24. How To Create A Website That Makes Brides Fall In Love | Pt. 2 The About Page
  25. How To Create A Website That Makes Brides Fall In Love | Pt. 3 The Portfolio Page
  26. How To Create A Website That Makes Brides Fall In Love | Pt. 4 The Services Page
  27. How To Create A Website That Makes Brides Fall In Love | Pt. 5 The Contact Page
  28. 10 Things To Do Before You Shoot A Wedding
  29. 10 Things To Do After You Shoot A Wedding

I’m super excited for this new series… but not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous too! I’ve never blogged everyday for a whole month — eeek! But I know it will be worth it… so if you’re enjoying the series please leave a quick comment on the posts or send me a message — I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Serena

    December 10th, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Thank you so much for this blog!! It’s something I can read and understand, a blog to reference back too, and it truly makes me feel like we know each other and I’m getting advice from a photog bff!! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a blog like this for a while now and I’ve finally found it.

  2. moriahriona

    December 31st, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Hi Serena! So glad it’s helpful for you!! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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