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Starving Artist. There’s a reason that phrase exists. I’ve personally noticed how so many of my fellow creative entrepreneurs struggle with making a profit — which is why I’m so passionate about sharing these profitable small business ideas! If you’re anything like me, I’ll bet you started your business, not to get rich, but to […]

How’s your brand & customer experience, boss babe? Do you ever feel like your clients (or maybe just one client in particular) are walking all over you? They don’t respect your time or your talent. So frustrating, right? Well, sorry to tell you this, friend, but the fault might be your own. When you don’t […]

How to build a brand that brings in the dough “Her brand isn’t the reason she’s so successful,” a nearby café hopper professed to her entrepreneurial friend. “A brand is just a logo.” I almost choked on my bagel. No, no, no, no, I screamed internally. Everything inside of me burned to pull up a […]

Ready to become a card-carrying member of the ‘six-figures’ club? Included complimentary with your membership: International adventures at your discretion. Regular mini-breaks and spa days whenever you like. Those killer heels you’ve been eyeing sitting pretty in your closet. A bank account you don’t get nervous checking (because it’s full to the brim, girl!) Sound […]

What to do when you’re not attracting your dream clients (and how to get booked with dream clients!) It’s not you, it’s them. They’re outside of your niche. Not within your area of interest. Their budget is too small … and their ego is too big. They forget their bills (but have a photographic memory […]

Your simple guide to understanding and mastering social proof to attract and convert your customers. Instant credibility and maximum conversions … just by using something called ‘social proof’? Somebody must be pulling your leg. And yet … Remember how over the moon you were when you secured a reservation at that crazy-busy restaurant in the […]

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